Christina Aguilera was ripped as “messy” by fans after Britney Spears “quietly” accused her of adult guardianship.

Fans accused Christina Aguilera of being “messy” after Britney Spears accused her of remaining quiet about her adult guardianship.

Britney tore fellow pop stars for “refusing to talk” about her lack of support during the 39-year-old power of attorney and allegedly she knew about the situation. I did.


Fans tore Christina Aguilera after Britney Spears accused her of “refusing to speak” in favor of her after the end of her service.Credits: Getty Images-Getty


Britney shared a video of Christina walking away from reporter questions about her and called her to itCredits: Instagram / britneyspears

After it was recorded that Christina was walking away from the interview question asking about the end of Britney’s power of attorney. A toxic singer called her On Instagram.

Fans came out to support Britney Overall situation They were also angry that Aguilera hadn’t sent love to her former Mickey Mouse Club co-star.

One upset social media user asked, “Why was it so hard to talk for Britney?!?!?!?!”.

Another told Christina, “I was disappointed with you again.”

Third tweet: “I always have time to talk about @ xtina’s justice talking about helping women, but look to the team to spread the question!”

Britney shared on Friday clip While Christina was attending the Latin Grammy Awards on Thursday, a reporter asked if she was in contact with the Peace of Me singer.

Person in charge Christina She pulled her apart as she told reporters: “I can’t, but I’m happy with her.”

Along with the video, Britney writes:

She continued: “Why are people so difficult to talk about when they’ve been in a corrupt abuse system for 13 years?

“I am the one who experienced it !!!!

“Thank you to all the supporters who raised their voices and supported us!”

Note conclusion: “Yes, I’m important !!!!”

Some fans were proud that Britney was no longer silent about what upset her and heard her voice.

“Power to Britney! I’m very happy that she called her publicly,” wrote a happy fan.

The second said: “I love Britney very much.”

Another comment: “I identify and support this energy !!! Get an angry girl !!!”

Immediately after blaming Christina, Britney praised Lady Gaga for helping Lady Gaga in the battle for the power of attorney.

Britney shared a video of 35-year-old Lady Gaga at the House of Gucci premiere, saying: .. “

Lady Gaga added that Britney “inspires women forever.”

Above the video, Britney wrote:

“You made me cry !!! I love you !!!”

Some were pleased that Britney blamed Christina, while others used social media to remind her that the bottle singer Genie wrote an entire online support thread earlier this year.

In June, in a hearing about Britney’s Power of Attorney, Christina wrote in an Instagram story:

“It is unacceptable that women and people who want to control their destiny may not be allowed to live the way they want.”

She goes on to say:

“The harmful psychological and emotional damage that this can do to the human psyche should not be underestimated.

“Every woman must have the right to her body, her reproductive system, her privacy, her space, her healing and her happiness.”

Christina added in a follow-up post: ..

“The belief and despair of this plea for freedom makes me believe that this person I once knew lived without the compassion and dignity of the ruler.”

The beautiful singer concludes:

“My heart is directed at Britney. She deserves all the true love and support of the world.”

Britney’s The adult guardianship system has officially ended Judge Brenda Penny ruled in favor of the Grammy winners and did not require a mental assessment 13 years later this month.


Fans called Xtina “messy” and wondered why “it’s so difficult to talk for Britney”Credit: Instagram


Britney thanked the people who supported her and said that those who didn’t speak were the same as those who lied.Credit: Instagram
Britney Spears accused Christina Aguilera of “refusing to speak” about the “abuseful” power of attorney after a big victory in court.

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Christina Aguilera was ripped as “messy” by fans after Britney Spears “quietly” accused her of adult guardianship.

Source link Christina Aguilera was ripped as “messy” by fans after Britney Spears “quietly” accused her of adult guardianship.

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