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Christian parents Nigel and Sally Rowe plan to sue the government for transgender policies in their son’s school

Christian parents had to be taken to our class to sue the government for school transgender policies after a six-year-old child was confused by a “boy in a dress.”

  • Parents Nigel and Sally Rowe separated their son from school across transgender lines
  • A Christian couple says the rules are a “confused” son and the question is too complicated for a child
  • Lawyers will seek judicial review of government “failures” to challenge policy

Photo: Nigel and Sally Row instruct the legal team to challenge the transgender policy of their son’s school.

Christian parents are preparing to sue the government Transgender The guidelines they claim issued at their son’s school were very confusing and had to do homeschooling instead.

Nigel and Sally Rowe opposed the guidance given at the Anglican school of their two sons and directed the legal team.

The couple’s lawyers wrote to the government saying they would seek a judicial review of what they said they did not challenge the local government’s transgender guidelines. Times..

According to Cornwall Schools Transgender Guidance, transgender students “should be able to wear true gender uniforms.”

It adds:’If the child is properly dressed according to school rules, feels safe and supported, and the clothes they are wearing are appropriate for them, then there is no problem. must.

“If children are free to choose their clothes, the transition to M2F (male to female) or F2M (female to male) may be difficult, as clothing changes can be more obvious. . “

Nigel and Sally Rowe, who live on the Isle of Wight, first publicly opposed guidance when they dropped out of school in 2017.

They believe it is wrong for young children to face the complexities of transgender and took action in 2017 after their six-year-old son returned home. His brother, eight, withdrew in 2016 in a similar incident.

Mr. and Mrs. Rowe accused the school of not respecting the right to raise children according to their religious values.

Mr. and Mrs. Rowe said the policy

Mr. and Mrs. Rowe said the policy “confused” their sons, who had to do homeschooling.

They said their parents had not been consulted about the school’s policy to tackle transphobic behavior introduced to comply with the 2010 Equality Act.

According to The Times, the couple said that when they raised the issue, the principal gave them the option to “affirm transgender, which they believe to be harmful, or label it as transphobia.”

In a statement yesterday, Mr. Rowe said: “This isn’t just about boys wearing dresses.

“The incident concerns the ideology currently being incorporated into schools, local governments, and Anglican leaders, causing serious long-term harm to thousands of children.”

When talking about this issue earlier, Mr. Rowe felt that he needed to “take a position” for parents in his position who felt that an agenda that overturned Christian beliefs was underway. Said.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Education told the Times: “We recognize that issues related to gender identity can be complex and sensitive.

“The school is perfect for working with parents, students and public services to determine what is best for an individual child and for all other children in the school.”


Christian parents Nigel and Sally Rowe plan to sue the government for transgender policies in their son’s school

SourceChristian parents Nigel and Sally Rowe plan to sue the government for transgender policies in their son’s school

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