Chrissy Teigen criticizes a party with a celebrity friend on the theme of an “inaudible” squid game | Ent & Arts News

Chrissy Teigen was criticized last week for holding a “deaf” squid game-themed party for her “rich friends.”

A US model and TV personality, 35, has been told by fans on social media that he “did not understand” the meaning behind the Netflix hit.

The backlash occurred after she posted some images from her party and a celebrity guest imitated some of the deadly games featured at the show in the guise of a squid game character.

The Korean Series of Dystopia includes financially helpful players who deliberately participate in deadly children’s game rounds with desperate bids to win huge prizes.

“My dream was to watch my friends fight to death. Dunk tanks, musical chairs, hide-and-seek, followed by a very fascinating final game of pinning Donkey’s Tail. . ” Teigen I wrote in the post.

Fans quickly pointed out the model’s “Tone Def” approach, and one user commented, “Why do rich people always miss the whole point?”

Another said, “This is far more than a squid game as a millionaire who invites your rich friends to recreate a squid game rooted in capitalist violence.” ..

A user tweeted and the criticism spread to Twitter. To get back into poverty and escape, Chrissy Teigen really recreates it in her mansion. “

Another said, “I’m tired of trying to live a life without self-awareness and judgment about what I know. Chrissy Teigen hosts a squid game party with her wealthy LA friends. I want to be as ignorant as I do. “

Others haven’t seen any problems with the party, and some write: .. Raise your head and have a girl! “

Teigen dressed as a red and green traffic light doll for the party, and her husband John legend I became a VIP wearing an animal mask and robe.

The couple did everything with the party theme, changed the stairs, set up a huge piggy bank, and hired a server dressed in the show’s brightly colored jumpsuits and masks.

Celebrities attended included the Modern Family Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Pretty Little Liars Shay Mitchell, people reported.

Pretty Little Liars star Mitchell, 34, seems to have posted a series of photos of herself and her friends dressed as green tracksuit players on Instagram with the words “Squid game comes back to life.”

The winner of the party match returned home with a plane to Napa Valley and a supper for two at the French Laundry.

Teigen, with a singer legend and two children, Deleted her Twitter account earlier this year After being left “badly hurt” by “negativeness” from the site. Since then she has returned to the platform.

In May she Apologies to TV personality Courtney Stodden for bullying online 10 years ago-when she was young, she admitted that she was an “anxious and attention-grabbing troll.”

Chrissy Teigen and singer’s husband John Legend

Teigen is known for his witty remarks on Twitter.

As a result, she was blocked by former US President Donald Trump and demanded her follow-up from the president’s account when Joe Biden took office.

Chrissy Teigen criticizes a party with a celebrity friend on the theme of an “inaudible” squid game | Ent & Arts News

Source link Chrissy Teigen criticizes a party with a celebrity friend on the theme of an “inaudible” squid game | Ent & Arts News

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