Chrissy Serra says the doctor needs to get rid of it, so she gets a lump test after a delayed test

Fitness star Chrissy Serra has been open to rechecking the lumps found on her breasts after being told the results are unclear.

A 25-year-old personal trainer talked about doing a biopsy after an additional ultra scan and posted his snapshot before telling his followers to remove the biopsy because he was diagnosed with an “abnormality”.

“Today I had the lump checked again because the results weren’t clear,” she began writing. “Honestly, the random lump on the right side of the breast is only said to be” indeterminate “, and when I spent nearly a decade trying to find the perfect balance of health, mental and physical health, someone How do you feel about it? And it may be worse than you initially thought. “

Clichy continued. “I did another ultra scan that led to a biopsy (by the way, why no one talks about the horrifying sounds of mini surgery) anyway … go to the lab to test and take the next step. I understand.

Fitness star Chrissy Serra reveals to get rid of lumps

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“Both methods are unusual for large, hard objects on the sides of the chest, and the doctor said they needed to get rid of them.”

As she said further, the star remained positive when she spoke on Instagram.

After that, Clichy urged her followers to keep checking her body, as it’s better to be safe than to regret.

Krissy Cela is a personal trainer and Instagram sensation

“I’m here as your sister to be your friendly reminder to check all your lumps and pumps! A little or small! Painful or painless! Just it Check it out and don’t be afraid of either, “she shared, before admitting to postpone it herself.

She adds:

Clichy writes: “And the last reminder. The people we meet today, the faces you pass by, and the hearts you touch, are experiencing their own battles that can make us completely blind.

Krissy advised followers to check for lumps and bumps

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“So remember to be kind to others, considerate, and always in good faith.”

The followers were in awe of Clichy’s brave and honest posts, and many provided kind and supportive comments.

“SEnd a lot of love for you. You will get over this. ”

Chrissy Serra said the doctor told her she needed to get rid of her lump

“”I send a lot of love to Clichy, “another shared.

“This is scary, but your vulnerability is powerful. I’m sure you’ve moved a lot of people to get checked. Thank you.”

Third comment: “Sending a lot of love and checking is very scary but important! It gives you all the positive atmosphere that everything is okay.”

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Chrissy Serra says the doctor needs to get rid of it, so she gets a lump test after a delayed test

Source link Chrissy Serra says the doctor needs to get rid of it, so she gets a lump test after a delayed test

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