Chris Whitty’s back moves towards more face-to-face general practitioner appointments

England’s top medics have boosted the move to introduce more face-to-face general practitioner appointments, GPS During the pandemic, the pendulum swung too much in one direction.

The GP responded furiously to the government’s plan to name and embarrass what the government sees as underperforming. GP surgery As part of the new £ 250m plan.

The NHS has put millions into new action packages aimed at improving access to the GP, but practices that fail to provide “appropriate” levels of face-to-face appointments are subject to new funding. Will not be.

Minister of Health Sajid JavidFaced with a backlash over the new plan, was scheduled to address the annual meeting. Royal College of General Practical Medicine Today, it was pulled out at the last minute.

The RCGP chief described attacks from some politicians and media sections as “abuse,” and said he was “depressed and unable to defend.”

Professor of Chief Medical Officer in the United Kingdom Chris Whitty He praised the GP for their work during the pandemic, but said the profession faced having to discuss with the public what could be offered.

He told delegations attending the meeting in Liverpool that the topic of face-to-face promises was “hotter than necessary.” Prior to the pandemic, he said it was wrong for many doctors, including himself, to be reluctant to consult online and digitally. With the patient, he added that things were now overkill.

“The pendulum needs to return to a point that hasn’t completely returned from where it was in the middle of Covid to where it was in August 2019,” he said.

“I don’t think it’s settled at the right time yet. In a sense, the right time is where to optimize what’s most effective for the patient and what’s most effective for the healthcare delivery there. is.

“As a profession, we need to discuss with the general public we serve and find the right place for it, but what we are trying to do is the resources we have. We also recognize that it is the best way we can do it, and we recognize that telemedicine solutions are better solutions for many patients, for example, mental health, in fact. Some people prefer a more distant relationship, while others have a lot of other relationships. “

Professor Whitti added that the issue of face-to-face promises should not be allowed to be “promoted by public discourse,” but admitted that it was “quite rational” for politicians to comment on it. rice field.

Professor Martin Marshall, head of the RCGP, said the GP is working tirelessly to assist patients through a pandemic and is currently all patients in conditions such as long Covids and patients on long NHS waiting lists. He told the delegation that he was supporting.

He said he realized that the GP was at the center of a “public storm over face-to-face promises.”

He added: “Malicious criticism of the profession by certain sections of the media and some politicians as a result of the transition to remote work introduced to keep patients and teams safe and to keep services operational is It was the worst. I remember it as a GP for over 30 years.

“This widespread criticism of the hard-working GP and our team is unfair, depressed and undefendable.

“No one who works in common practice deserves this abuse.”

Professor Marshall criticized Javid’s new plan, saying:

“Calling an opportunity to miss today’s announcement will be an understatement of the century.”

Earlier, Dr. Michael Mulholland, vice-chairman of the RCGP’s Professional Development, said at the university’s annual conference that there was a “change” in the conference lineup and Javid would not support the GP.

Laughing from the audience, he said: “Unfortunately, there is one change in the program. The UK Health Minister is not available today directly or via videolink.

“This is because I need to understand this correctly. He said,” Others that may have seen or heard him this morning so that he could fight for the NHS in Spending Review. I had to clear my diary to be in place. “

As I said earlier on Sky News, Javid argued that the government had no plans to name and embarrass the GP, but providing “more data, more transparency” He added that it would help raise national standards.

“It is important for patients to have this information because they want to see the level of medical care in the whole country.

“We need to understand what is the difference between national health care provisions.

“The whole package today is about support. It’s all about helping the GP do its best, meeting patients.”

Chris Whitty’s back moves towards more face-to-face general practitioner appointments

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