Chris Noth’s whistleblower claims that the Sex and the City actor “raped her in front of the mirror and laughed when asked about condoms.”

Chris Noth’s whistleblower claims that when a Sex and the City actor asked about wearing a condom, he “raped her in front of a mirror” and “laughed.”

Noth was accused of sexual assault by two women Who Hollywood Reporter In their alleged experience with the stars of Sex and the City.


Sex and the City star Chris Noth, 67, was accused of sexually assaulting two womenCredit: Splash


Chris Noth played Mr. John James.Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker)’s love interests in the Big Preston seriesCredit: Getty

Actor, 67, violently Denied the claimIncludes one of the rapes associated with an incident reported more than 10 years ago.

Women who don’t know each other said a promotion for HBO Max Sex and the City The sequel series and just so stirs the painful memories of the incident they claim to have happened Los Angeles 2004 and new York In 2015.

Zoe, 40, one of the women still working in the entertainment industry, contacted the outlet in October and said, “He [Noth] Replaying his role in Sex and the City, the city caused me something. “

Zoe said he “buried” his experience for years, but decided it was time to “try to announce who he was.”

After graduating from college in 2004, Zoe (22 years old at the time) Los Angeles Engaging in entry-level work for well-known companies that Noth and other celebrities do business on a regular basis.

“He will walk by my desk and flirt with me. He somehow got my number from the directory and left a message on my office phone. My boss Was like’Mr. Big is leaving a message in your voicemail, “she told THR.

Her ex-boss told the outlet that she had witnessed North talking to her ex-employee at her desk.

Zoe also reportedly gave her a “kind of frivolous” voicemail from North.

The former boss told THR that he thought it strange that Noth, then 49, got the Zoe number and left a message, but that’s not a concern.

“This was the peak of Sex and the City. He was like a god to us,” he said.

Zoe claimed that North had invited her to the pool in the West Hollywood building where she had an apartment.

She told him he had a friend who lived in the same building and often went to the pool.

That August, she and her college best friend from the East Coast were excited to go to the pool and meet Noth.


Source of information that Chris Noth revealed to the US sun that he was “totally confused and blind” by the allegations depicted in the reportCredits: Warner Media / HBO Max


Chris Noth played Big about Sex and the City from 1998 to 2004, and in the sequel.Credits: Warner Media / HBO Max

A friend who visited confirmed to THR that she went to the pool and sat with Zoe and North in the jacuzzi.

Zoe claimed that North asked her all sorts of questions about her major and what she studied.

He had a book and was thinking of doing a project based on that material, so he told her to look at it.

Then, according to both women, he said he had to go to his apartment to pick up the phone.

But he left the book and asked Zoe to look it up and take it back to his apartment.

Zoe is flattering. “He said,’I want to know your thoughts’. I thought,” I’m new. He wants my opinion-I’ve only been in Hollywood for two months. “

“It hurt”

Zoe claims that Noss kissed her as she walked through the door when she entered the apartment to return the book.

She kissed tentatively, but said, “Thank you, I’ll be back to my friends.”

Zoe said the kiss didn’t surprise her because she thought the kiss from Mr. Big would be a fun story to tell her friends.

But she then claims that he pulled her towards him, moved her towards the bed, pulled out the bottom of her shorts and bikini, and began to rape her from behind.

She is said to have faced a mirror and remembered: And he didn’t. I said, “Can you at least get a condom?” And he laughed at me. “

When it was over, she said. “I noticed that my shirt was bloody. I got out of it. I went to my friend’s apartment. [in the same building].. She said a friend from college was already there.

“I immediately went in and went to the bathroom and tried to drain the blood from my shirt. They wanted to know what had happened. They said,” I want to go home. “

Zoe went to Cedars Sinai, where she told the staff that she had been sexually assaulted.

“I made a stitch. Two policemen came. I don’t know who,” Zoe said, she was unbelievable and fired if she blamed him openly or even at work. I was afraid that I might have felt it.

A second woman, identified only as Lily, claims that North had sexually assaulted her in a Manhattan apartment in 2015.


Chris Noth vehemently denied that claimCredit: Getty

After a few drinks at the restaurant, the two return to the actor’s apartment, and Lily claims that Noss repeatedly tried to make up with her.

“The next thing I knew was that he had his pants down and stood in front of me,” the actor allegedly pushed his penis into her mouth.

“The next thing she knew was that he was having sex with me from behind the chair. We were in front of the mirror. I was crying a bit when that happened. “

When it was over, she said. “I went to the bathroom and put on my skirt. I felt terrible. I completely violated. All my dreams with this star that I had loved for many years have disappeared.”

Chris Noth does not deny allegations

The Sex and the City actor responded to this claim in a statement to THR.

“These stories may have been 30 years ago or 30 days ago. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t. That’s the line I didn’t cross. The encounter reached an agreement.

“It’s hard to doubt when these stories come out. I’m not sure why they’re emerging now, but I know this. I didn’t assault these women.” North added.

One source revealed to the US sun that Noth was “totally confused and blinded” by the allegations depicted in the report.

“Chris knew that story would come up a few days ago. He’s completely confused and blind. He’s absolutely stunned by these claims and why they’re emerging now. I’m very confused about, so it’s very close to a reboot.

“There were so many opportunities when the movie was shown that he couldn’t bother with the situation,” the source added.

If you or anyone you know is affected by any of the issues raised in this story, call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673.

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Chris Noth’s whistleblower claims that the Sex and the City actor “raped her in front of the mirror and laughed when asked about condoms.”

Source link Chris Noth’s whistleblower claims that the Sex and the City actor “raped her in front of the mirror and laughed when asked about condoms.”

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