Chris Moyles responds to the “rude” claim that he is a masked singer donut

Chris Moils He responded to the masked singer’s secret claim to be a donut.

The 47-year-old radio host worked on speculation on the Radio X show The Chris Moyles Show on Monday, January 10, and rebelled against “rude” suggestions.

Chris chats with fellow hosts Dominic Byrne and Pippa Taylor, saying that he’s actually the character who sang the Spice Girls pop hit Spice Up Your Life in his latest show performance. I was angry with my thoughts.

“I’m going to play you’sing’, and then we’re going to discuss this. It could be a Chris Moyles scenario, “the radio host told listeners.

“So what they think-this isn’t fun for me-they think I’m a donut [‘Doughnuts’].. Dead Panstar declared when Dominique and Pippa tried to stop laughing at Chris’s false wrath.

Chris Moyles stopped speculation that he was actually a masked singer donut.

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“Now, wrap the tape. Let’s hear. This is a donut. Now you know how it works. Some people are dressed as donuts. By the way, it’s a scary costume. . Anyway, is this me?

At the end of the clip, Chris said he had never been “insulted” enough to be compared to the mundane voice of a mysterious celebrity.

“Because you can sing famously …” Pippa made fun of him as he reminded everyone that Chris was at the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.

“And are people heading for’Maybe Chris Moiles’ ?!” I don’t know who said I am now.If it was Davina [McCall] She’s in trouble because she just said, “I’m definitely not a singer.” “

Chris pretended to be indignant at the “rude” proposal

Donuts are one of the show’s mysterious stars

Former Radio 1 breakfast host was increasingly angry at the suggestion that he was a masked singer star when he asked the producer to play another song.

Following part of Spice Up Your Life, Chris joked that it could be him because he was a friend of “a few Spice Girls.”

But when the audio began, the radio host stopped the rumors altogether.

“Cram in! Stick the masked singer!” He shouted, as Dominique laughed. “Mr. Donut, or whatever he calls, can’t sing? Mr. Donut can’t sing …

Dominique couldn’t stop making fun of his co-presenter

Chris Moyles was a very popular radio host on Radio 1

“Hmm, Chris Moils ?!” Damn it! Excuse me! I don’t think it’s even a celebrity, I think it’s someone trapped.

“I’m one of the dress rehearsal staff who tried to get out of the stupid outfit the other day,” added the personality. “To clarify that, in case you didn’t go from what I was saying … it might be me …”

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Chris Moyles responds to the "rude" claim that he is a masked singer donut

Source link Chris Moyles responds to the "rude" claim that he is a masked singer donut

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