Chris Evert reveals diagnosis of ovarian cancer

tennis very Chris Evert I have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and am being treated.

The 18-time Grand Slam Singles Champion revealed that she was diagnosed in early December after prophylactic hysterectomy after she was informed that she was at risk for cancer.

Evert, who received the first chemotherapy of six times this month, said he felt very lucky that the cancer was found before it spread.

“I’m very lucky,” she said. ESPN For those who she works as an expert. “I have some challenges, but I am relieved that chemotherapy is to prevent the cancer from recurring.”

Evert’s sister Jean died of the same illness two years ago, but the family was initially informed that no genetic tests had reported anything ominous.

However, further research led to advances in this area, and in October Ebert was advised to look for more information about her own situation.

Blood tests showed that she also had a pathogenic manifold of the gene, which led to hysterectomy and tumor detection.

67-year-old Jean said: “When I go into chemotherapy, she is my inspiration. Think of her. And she will tell me that.”

Evert’s longtime rival and friend support message quickly arrived on social media Martina Navratilova I wrote on Twitter: “We are all you and Clichy behind you, you are a true champion and you are sure to conquer this nasty enemy with sweat!”

American player Madison Keys Wrote: “I’m glad you’re okay with @ChrissieEvert now! I’ll send you a lot of love.”

Chris Evert reveals diagnosis of ovarian cancer

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