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Choosing the best movers London for your family or business.

Moving from one apartment to another or from one building to another can be an exciting but stressful experience. Whether you just bought a new house for yourself and your family or you rented a new place for your business, the stress that comes with moving can be overwhelming, especially for anyone who works long and hard hours.

Finding a good mover can take away the stress and headache that comes with moving. When you select a good mover to help you move your possessions, you not only enjoy seamless transportation of your possessions but you are also sure that your belongings will arrive at the destination safely.

Finding the best movers London can be tricky since almost all movers London claim to be the best. However, there is a way around this dilemma. There are a few important questions that you can ask the mover you intend to hire before you hire them. Their answers will inform your decision to hire them.

Question 1: Is the mover insured?

The best movers London make it a point of duty to ensure that they are fully insured. They make sure that their vehicles are fully insured to carry out the moving of properties for clients. When you choose movers London that are fully insured, if there is any accident during the transportation and your property gets damaged, you can be assured that you will claim the cost back.

To avoid any confusion, the company should include in the contract, home items which they will be responsible for and those which they won’t be responsible for. You should have a copy of this document for future reference.

 Question 2: Can the mover provide a thorough service?

The best movers London offer thorough services when it comes to moving. A thorough/comprehensive service will entail the following

  • Packing, boxing, and labeling the home items.
  • Dismantling and assembling home furniture.
  • Onloading, transporting, and offloading of property.

The best movers London should even offer their customers lifts from the former residence to the new residence. This will enable the customer to save taxi fares. This particular service is usually necessary when the destination is a far one such as during inter-state movements or when a customer does not have a private vehicle.

If you will be too preoccupied with work to be involved in the packing process, you would want to hire a mover London that offers comprehensive services.

Question 3: Will the removal company provide the packing materials?

One of the perks of hiring professional movers London is that you don’t have to concern yourself with the stress that comes with moving, such as picking out the right boxes/packing material and comparing their prices. A good mover in London should be able to provide boxes and other packing materials to be used even if this means extra billing on the customer. When the removal company provides the packing materials, you can be sure that the right boxes are used for the right home items especially heavy home items. This is because they are professionals.  

 Question 4: Who will do the heavy lifting?

If you have many heavy properties, you should make sure that the movers you are hiring are aware of this and are cool with doing the lifting. This is one feature that marks a mover as one of the best movers London. You would also want to make sure that the movers are trained professionals that are capable of handling heavy and fragile items. This is necessary so that the movers do not damage some of your high-valued furniture.

 Question 5: Can the movers dismantle and couple back furniture?

The truth is that all your furniture won’t be able to fit through the front door. More importantly, some of your home items are too fragile to be moved in their assembled state. The ideal thing would be to disassemble these home furnitures and move them in their appropriate boxes. You should make sure that mover London you intend on hiring has the technical know-how as well as the experience to dismantle and assemble home furniture without damaging the furniture.

Question 6: How long have the movers been in business?

This is one important question you should consider asking. While it is true that new movers can be just as good as their counterparts who have been operating for a longer period. It is safer to hire movers who have been operating for a relatively long period. Such movers have the experience that new movers London might not have when it comes to handling home furniture.

Older movers London will most likely have handled various delicate and unusual furniture in the past. Moving your furniture should be a breeze for them. Ensure to choose a mover that has been operative in London for at least 3 years. This way, you can be certain that this mover knows what they are doing.

Question 7: Does the mover offer storage services as well?

Most times, moving from one residence to another can take longer than expected. If you do not intend to move fully yet and you’re joggling between two locations, you might want to consider hiring a London removals firm that offers storage services as well. With this service, some of your heavy properties are kept in a secured location until you are ready to completely move.

You should always ensure that the storage room is neat, clean, and secured

 Reasons why professional movers are your best bet for moving.

  • Professional movers have the right equipment to help make your moving seamless.
  • They help you avoid the unnecessary hassles that come with moving out on your own.
  • You get someone else to handle the heavy lifting for you.
  • Peradventure there is an accident, your properties are insured.

If you are looking to move soon and you do not know any professional movers, visit our website! We offer removals services at very reasonable rates. Compare prices, professionals and reviews in order to find the one that suits your needs!


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