Chloe Sims and his brother Charlie shoot a beam on the night out – six years after he quit TOWIE

Chloe Sims‘ Brother Charlie Sims Discovered Wednesday night after he rarely appeared publicly since he left The only way is Essex 6 years ago.

The 29-year-old was photographed for dinner with her sister Chloe, and her fiancé Georgina Schultz joined.

Charlie wore a trimmed haircut and a trimmed beard, and a sharp gray double-breasted pinstripes suit.

Former reality TV star made a considerable splash during his time at TOWIE after playing a five-year relationship with Ferne McCann in front of the audience before the couple split, and he made a considerable splash in 2015. I left TOWIE forever.

Chloe Sims and brother Charlie beam on a night out

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Charlie talked about his feelings about the situation at the end of the show, feeling betrayed by his ex-partner and sister at the time who chose to stay at TOWIE.

“I’m so sad because I won’t lose one … but the two you really love on TV shows. Anyone can point my finger at me. But I have morals. And dignity, “he said.

Chloe looked great in cream-colored synthetic leather corset pants and gloves

“And some kind of self-esteem. I hope @Chloe_Sims and @fernemccann are the best in their lives, but I’m always alive knowing that you chose the show.

“And finally @OnlyWayIsEssex .. I’m not going anymore. It’s time to grow and move on. May everyone be the best at the show!

“Keep faithful to who you are. Today I am the real Charlie Sims … and another chapter begins.”

Brothers Chloe and Charlie enjoyed a fascinating night together

After quitting the ITV series, Charlie changed the reputation of his marketing career and founded his agency, The Huge Project, to provide athletes with commercial opportunities.

Despite feelings against Chloe’s decision to stay at TOWIE a few years ago, Essex’s businessman seems to have been able to overcome it because he is also his sister’s agent.

Charlie’s TOWIE journey began with a relationship with Ferne McCann

The pair’s two sisters, Frankie and Demi, have also appeared on a popular reality show.

Since joining TOWIE, Charlie’s life has progressed in many ways, just as it did in 2018. He was engaged to his girlfriend Georgina After the couple proposed to her while on vacation in Singapore.

Charlie was also joined by his fiancé Georgina Schultz when he went out at night.

He posted the news on Instagram with a photo of his new fiancé kissing his cheek while he was abroad with a full display of diamond and sapphire rings.

“There are no words … only one. Yes!” Charlie captioned the image.

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Chloe Sims and his brother Charlie shoot a beam on the night out – six years after he quit TOWIE

Source link Chloe Sims and his brother Charlie shoot a beam on the night out – six years after he quit TOWIE

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