Chloe Madely praises his “calm, kind and funny” dad Richard.

Chloe Madely is grateful for the fan’s support message after her father Richard left me early from celebrity … get me out of here!

NS Good Morning Britain The host, 65, left Wales camp after getting sick early Thursday morning and urged a local hospital to make an urgent dash.

Richard, who was believed to have been treated at Lil’s Glan Clwyd Hospital, reassured fans in a statement that he was “healthy” after threatening his health, but after breaking the show’s “covid bubble.” I confirmed that I had to quit the series.

Chloe, 34, has repeatedly stated that he is fine since then, but was overwhelmed by leaving the castle at such an early stage in the competition.

Reach out: Chloe Madely is grateful for the fan’s support message after her father Richard left me early from celebrity … get me out of here!

She told her Instagram followers: Dad is absolutely fine, we were talking to him all day and finally. He’s just a whim that he can’t go back to camp because of Covid’s restrictions.

“But he was proud. He worked hard and was his calm, gathered, kind and funny self. We are very proud.”

In her second Instagram post, she added: I got angry with him-he was doing very well and just loved it.

“We’re proud and watching him every night this week was one of the most interesting things I remember.” And all the other nervous looking at home. Good luck to celebrities and their families. Well jelly-seriously. ”

Thanks: Chloe shared a second post with Instagram followers later that day

“Unforgettable”: Richard Madley reveals that he was forced to leave the show after being taken to the hospital and breaking the show’s “Covid bubble”.

With a big blow to the show as one of their top signs, the broadcaster, who was paid an estimated £ 200,000 to star in this year’s tournament, took part in a tough trial and complained about the castle’s sub-zero temperatures. After saying that, I got sick.

In a statement to his fans, he said: Richard here – First of all, I just say I’m absolutely fine. Just a short time in the morning I started feeling a little sick and was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure.

“By leaving the camp, I eventually broke the Covid bubble,” and so I had to leave the castle and all the great celebrities remaining in the camp.

“Obviously, I’m angry to leave soon, but the safety of all my campmates is a top priority. I’m very excited to see their journey continue … a little more than Glitch Castle. Hoping it will be a warm place … and even more so …

“Thanks to everyone who supported me in my short but completely unforgettable adventure-I made some great friends and spent my life honestly.”

disgusting! The broadcaster, who was paid an estimated £ 200,000 to star in this year’s tournament, fell ill after attending a tough trial.

A spokesperson for I’m A Celebrity added:

“He was a really great campmate. Thank you for participating in this series.”

One source also told MailOnline: He did his best in court and embraced every part of his life at the camp. This is not the way I saw the celebrity journey end.

“Richard’s return to camp would pose too much risk to other players who have formed an isolated bubble to protect themselves from the possible Covid-19 outbreaks on the set.

“Gut”: Richard, believed to be at Lil’s Glan Clwyd Hospital, reassured fans in a statement that he was “healthy” after a health horror.

“Everyone on the show will miss him. He occupies most of the camp and it’s a shame he can’t come back.”

Musician DJ Rocksmith was thought to have joined as a standby player, but no one has replaced Richard at the castle.

It is also believed that Richard will be paid the full amount of his time at the show, even though he spent only four days at the castle.

An ITV spokesman previously revealed that Richard was hospitalized early Thursday morning after getting sick overnight.

They told MailOnline:

They added: “He was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure. The health and safety of our campmates is our priority.”

Worry: Richard was believed to be in Gran Creud Hospital after getting sick overnight

A spokesperson for the Welsh Ambulance Service said:

“We sent the rescuers to the scene in a quick response vehicle and ambulance, and one patient was taken to the hospital.”

His Good Morning Britain co-host Susanna Reid also fulfilled her wishes on Twitter after news of Richard’s hospitalization was reported.

She wrote:’Send love-hope he feels okay now. We do a great job at #IACGMOOH and support everyone. Richard, get well soon. “

Close Call: The star was also treated at an on-site medical facility outside Glitch Castle before an ambulance was called to take him to the hospital.

Safety First: Nurses were seen arriving at the sick facility before Richard was hospitalized

Progress: An ITV spokesperson told MailOnline:

Only a few hours ago, Richard confessed that his first solo trial, Kitchen Nightmare, earned only four stars and the trials left him “frozen.”

He was forced to use his mouth to untie some knots to regain the stars hanging from the rope.

When the fish’s guts and guts fell on him, the presenter struggled to untie the starred string and resented, saying: “Holy Mori”, marking the end of the task before the horn rings again. bottom.

Talk about the knots he said:’Who tied these knots? It’s wet and tight. This isn’t tight, “prompts laughter from Ant and Dec.

“Such a disappointment,” said Richard: “There will be something to eat tonight. I really wanted to do better than that.”

Still there: In the first look image from the Thursday show, partially taken Wednesday night, Richard could be seen with his camping buddies before admission.

Disappointed Richard returned to the camp and told them how difficult it was to find a trial, and camp buddies were willing to accept that he was only able to get four stars.

At the end of the live show, Richard, along with the rest of the camp, was seen by Ant and Deck telling all 10 to head to the trial area for the latest challenges.

Later, soap stars Simon Gregson, 47, and Adam Woodyatt were revealed to be two new campmates at the Castle Scare Fair trial on Thursday night. I did.

Richard admitted that he did nothing before the celebrity arrived at the castle, where he usually lives on a basic rice and bean diet. Preparation.

Challenging: The discouraged star earned only four meals in his first solo trial, but later confessed that it left him “cooled to the bones.”

He told MailOnline: [before you go in].. I haven’t done either.

“I’m not a big eater. I’m a wrangler. I don’t clean up the dishes. I’m most worried about how to deal with boredom. That’s why I want people to vote for me and try. is.”

Richard discussed which trials he was most afraid of and confessed:

Before entering the castle, Richard talked about his willingness to make an infamous trial.

He added: The thing about this program is that if you take yourself remotely and seriously, you shouldn’t participate in it. I don’t, and I’m completely looking forward to being covered by God.

Richard and his wife, Judy, share two children, a daughter Chloe (34 years old) and a son Jack (35 years old), and are the grandparents of Jack’s son Kit.

He was reportedly paid £ 200,00 by the ITV boss after being repeatedly targeted by the producer before Richard’s appearance on the show was confirmed.

Sources said Sun:’Richard was asked every year, but the timing was never right. But now he finally said “yes”.

“He’s a favorite of ITV executives. He’s brilliant off the screen, so paying attention to the wind and eating small pieces of animals seemed like a better time than anyone else.

“He’s a great coup and a fan favorite. When you roll him up, he leaves — he makes for the money in the castle.

Frank: Richard is best known for his long stint hosting this morning with his wife Judy Finnigan, and has done regular stints at Good Morning Britain in recent months.

Chloe Madely praises his “calm, kind and funny” dad Richard.

Source link Chloe Madely praises his “calm, kind and funny” dad Richard.

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