Chloe Ferry sends a heartbreaking compliment to her deceased dad on his funeral day

Chloe ferry She paid tribute to her deceased dad as she was ready for one of the most difficult days of her life to say goodbye to him at the funeral.

The Geordie Shore In a photo framed in an oval frame, Star shared a photo of her sorrowful reflection as a young schoolgirl snuggling up to her father, who lost her sadness in the fight against cancer last month.

“RIP dad you were taken too early by us,” the sad TV personality captioned the post. Came after a similarly emotional Christmas day compliment.

“You will always be in my heart,” continued the 26-year-old. “I always miss you.”

Chloe Ferry sent a heartbreaking compliment to his deceased dad

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In the image, Chloe looked incredibly different from her recent fascinating look. The young man had a fresh look on her natural brunette rock and sweet photos as fans could get a glimpse of her pink zip-up jacket.

Meanwhile, Chloe’s dad put his head on his daughter’s head and smiled in a mug in a gray vest.

Chloe shared the images and moments of joining the family for a funeral all day long.

Before she left home, Chloe was comforted to find a large white feather resting on her stairs.

Chloe showed white feathers and said she thought it was from her dad

Chloe Ferry was incredibly close to her dad

“I found this feather on the stairs,” she showed her fans on Instagram.

“Today is my dad’s funeral and it will be the hardest day of my life, but it will help you know what you are looking at,” Star shared.

Later, just as she and her mom were preparing to enter service, she was overwhelmed to see the snow begin to fall.

Chloe also told his deceased father that it was snowing at the funeral.

Reaching out to catch the snowflake, she posted an angel emoji and told her dad from a distance that it was snowing just for him.

Fans and friends shared their support for real-life favorites, as Wayne Lineker wrote, “I love you.”

Former love island star Joanna Timonides posted a heart emoji to ensure that many other friends shared their thoughts and thought about themselves.

“It’s always beautiful here,” encouraged fellow reality star Kelsey Stratford, and others sent their love.

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Chloe Ferry sends a heartbreaking compliment to her deceased dad on his funeral day

Source link Chloe Ferry sends a heartbreaking compliment to her deceased dad on his funeral day

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