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China claims to know the true motivation behind Britain’s ban on Huawei

Former British minister claimed London chased Chinese tech giants at Washington’s order

Beijing was recently unearthed by the media, explaining the allegations made by a former British minister last month as further evidence that London’s 2020 Huawei ban was not about national security.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin argued Thursday that the story of “national security” was used merely as an excuse when Western nations imposed restrictions on tech giants last year. Diplomats reportedly said the pressure was motivated by the US desire to thwart China’s tech business. His comment follows the claim made by former British Minister Vince Cable last month, which was recently unearthed by the media.

Speaking in a discussion panel titled “China: Partner or Enemy?” In early December, Mr. Cable, who was Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills in the UK from 2010 to 2015, said the UK was from China and Huawei. He said the “reason” for leaving and 5G had nothing to do with Britain’s national security. “” He added that London was simply “told by the Americans.”

Cable also claimed that during his five-year tenure as Minister, when addressing this issue, he was “repeatedly reassured by intelligence agencies who should know that our transactions are completely secure.” The short clip ends with a cable lamenting that the UK is “at the forefront of countries using cutting-edge telecommunications technology” and London “maintains 5G.”

On July 14, 2020, the UK government ordered the UK telecommunications company to stop purchasing Huawei 5G equipment and phase out existing kits by 2027. Sports at the time acknowledged that as a result, the deployment of 5G networks could be delayed by “2 to 3 years”. But he added that the decision was “correct now and in the long run for the UK’s telecommunications network, national security and the economy.” A few months ago, the US government imposed drastic restrictions on Huawei, partly because of national security concerns.

Washington has launched a crusade against Huawei under President Donald Trump. This is one of the policies that did not change significantly when the Biden administration took over. The U.S. government suspects that its 5G equipment could be used for espionage by Chinese intelligence, demonstrating a close relationship between Huawei and the Chinese Communist Party. But tech giants have long denied these claims.


China claims to know the true motivation behind Britain’s ban on Huawei

SourceChina claims to know the true motivation behind Britain’s ban on Huawei

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