‘Cheating b ******!’: Girlfriend tells MailOnline that the ‘unhappy’ friend is home with children

The woman who launched a manhunt for her friend’s residence just to learn that he lives in Norwich with his partner and children, marked him with a ‘cheating b ******’ and told MailOnline that her situation was ‘unfortunate’ ‘is.

Rachel Waters, 26, posted a desperate appeal for her missing beau on Facebook group Norwich Community Notice Board only to be told that Paul Magee, 40, would not return.

Rachel, born in South Carolina, shared a brutal selfie on Facebook today with the headline: ‘Yes, I’ve seen the article … #CheatingB ******’

Striking Ms Waters told MailOnline that her situation was ‘unfortunate’ – but gave the impression that she was ready to move on.

Rachel posted a brutal Facebook selfie this morning with the hash tag: ‘Cheating b **** ard’

Rachel’s post referred to Doja Cat’s feminist empowerment anthem ‘Ain’t S ***’, in which the rapper kills unfaithful men.

Rachel, who is a market manager in China, told MailOnline that her situation was ‘unfortunate’ – but she seems ready to move on.

She wrote: ‘Alexa, play Doin Cat’s Ain’t S ***’.

Her father Chris was quick to respond, writing, “So sorry, Rachel, hold on …”

Other hashtags included ‘#China’, ‘#LifeInChina’, #Shenzhen ‘and’ #ShenzhenChina ‘.

Paul returned to his £ 500,000 home in Brundall, Norwich, where he lives with Samantha Shirley Overall and her three children.

Rachel works in the southern Chinese city as a market manager.

The couple enjoyed a revolving romance during the country’s strange, long Covid lockdowns.

In April, Paul returned to Norfolk in early April to visit family, Rachel claims she was told – and ‘would be back now’.

Rachel launches a manhunt for her missing friend – only to discover he lives at home

The couple enjoyed a heated romance in Shenzhen during the long Covid lockdowns of China

She wrote in the pleading: ‘I have an unusual question. My friend, Paul Magee, and I live in Shenzhen, China.

‘He went home (Norwich) in early April to visit and would now be back in China.

‘However, I have not heard from him recently and I am worried that something has happened. If anyone knows anything, please come to me. ‘

A friend of Paul’s brutally commented: ‘He has a wife and children’.

While some cruel users laughed at Rachel’s post, some pointed to the severity of the situation.

Rachel Waters told a Facebook page in Norfolk City that Paul Magee had gone for a visit, but ‘would be back now’

Rachel (pictured in a holiday snap posted on Facebook) described Paul as a ‘cheating b ******’

Rachel’s desperate plea for Paul’s residence was successful – but not in the way she would like

A Norwich-based friend of Paul’s partner, Samantha, wrote: ‘It’s not really funny.

‘He has a wife and children and I really feel for her now!

“And another girlfriend in China likes it.”

Another friend added: ‘Not funny to her in the least.’

Rachel was born in South Carolina, and completed a master’s degree in Bournemouth in 2018.

The part-time vlogger, who uploads ‘hilarious dating’ on her YouTube channel, then took down the post, apparently in embarrassment.

A friend of Paul’s said yesterday: ‘Paul and his partner have not seen each other for two years.

‘He came back recently, and they met again. They divorced and had children. They thought, ‘Let’s give it another go.’ ‘

It was also claimed that the relationship between Rachel and Samantha did not overlap.

Global traveler Rachel is pictured in a football shirt during a foreign visit

The Shenzhen-based market manager appeared ready to continue her painful heartbeat

‘Cheating b ******!’: Girlfriend tells MailOnline that the ‘unhappy’ friend is home with children

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