Chase’s “Vixen” Jenny Ryan was furious over the phone with “fat and embarrassing” by the GP

Chase Jenny Ryan remains furious after her GP calls her “fat and embarrassing.”

Jenny, 39, also known as The Vixen on the hit ITV quiz show The Chase, used Twitter to share her anger and aversion to medical professional comments.

On Monday, Jenny wrote: Your existence! “

Her 101,000 followers immediately began to appreciate and retweet her post before retweeting herself and sharing the details of the exchange.

Chase’s Jenny Ryan rages at the GP on the phone, calling her “fat and embarrassing.”

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“Do you know your current weight? … Oh … it’s * much * lower than last time and well done. But isn’t that enough?”

Earlier this year, 39 years old I shared a great selfie on Instagram And Penn: “Basically, scrubbing is okay indoors after 18 months.”

TV set The star is notoriously quiet about her private lifeHowever, Quiz With was clearly shocked by the improper conversation with her GP to share it online.

Jenny also made a frank revelation on Twitter, admitting that she is the “weakest member” of the pub quiz team, despite her infamous reputation on the screen.

Jenny went on to share a “horrible” exchange with her GP

“Don’t @ me, but I’m the weakest quiz on the team and I enjoy playing with these quality teammates,” she writes.

Jenny is known for her extensive knowledge of The Chase and her successful spin-off show, Beat the Chasers.

Despite her competition on television with her fellow trackers Jenny claimed there was no competition between her co-stars In real life.

Vixen said all right!: “I always say that my work is very stressful! But we are like a family that supports each other together.”

Jenny showed off her recent transformation during the blockade

She continues. “We are in a very unique position. There is no one else in this country except for the six of us who do our job, so we need to take care of each other. “

Jenny is a fan favorite at Bradley Walsh’s hit show, but she admits she has greater ambitions for her career.

Jenny said: “I want to be the next Jeremy Paxman. I don’t have enough female quiz masters on TV.”

“In fact, diversity isn’t represented at all. It infuriates me when a new quiz show is announced, and it’s another middle-aged white man as a host.”

Jenny goes to the show with her fellow chasers such as Anne’Zagabanes’ Hegati, Sean’Dark Destroyer’Wallace, Mark’The Beast’Labet, Paul’Thinner Man’Shinha, and the latest rookie Darag’Zamenas’ Ennis. I will appear.

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Chase's "Vixen" Jenny Ryan was furious over the phone with "fat and embarrassing" by the GP

Source link Chase's "Vixen" Jenny Ryan was furious over the phone with "fat and embarrassing" by the GP

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