Chase star Jenny Ryan is forced to fight back with a cruel troll

Tracking Star Jenny Ryan counterattacked the trolls that described her as the “most disliked” chaser.

Nicknamed “The Vixen” on the popular ITV game show, Jenny was tweeted by a viewer who got in the way to share negative comments about her.

The currently deleted tweet to Jenny, 39, reads, “You are our most disliked person (except @Daragg Ennis).”

“You only come across as a complete Smarta ***,” he added.

The chaser then went completely back to the online troll and replied, “Literally my job, Baby x.”

As of this writing, Jenny’s reaction has been highly rated over 15,000 times.

Jenny Ryan joined the chase in 2015

Later, Darag himself helped write this issue. Finally I beat you with something! “

Jenny then said, “My favorite bit of tweets is his attempt and failure to tag you.”

Like Dalague, others came to Jenny’s defense and erupted over the age of 39.

Someone said: “I think you’re a nice Jenny. I like all chasers. I don’t understand anyone who thinks they need to be so rude and unfriendly.”

Jenny has completely returned to an unfriendly viewer

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Another wrote: What confuses me is that if you don’t like them, press another button on the remote and flip it over. “

Third post: “Literally why I like you! The smart and powerful female front and center stands in her own knowledge that she sways … I’m here for exactly that. I say it may last long because you are inspiring millions of people looking at you. “

In November, Jenny used Twitter as a platform. Call her doctor “fat and embarrassed”.

Jenny wrote at the time: Your existence! “

She added: “Do you know your current weight? … Oh … it’s * much * lower and better than last time, but isn’t it enough?”

Jenny took a photo with her fellow chasers, Mark Lovebet, Paul Sinha, and Sean Wallace.

Jenny’s tweets were retweeted by dozens of followers, some of whom shared their experiences. Others shared their disgust with what she experienced.

“This is why plus-sized people suffer from weight-independent illnesses. I haven’t seen a real doctor for more than four years and counseled about my mother’s death for a fat and shameful doctor. I have never received it !! “said one person.

Another Twitter user said he has been experiencing the same problem for decades since the GP.

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Chase star Jenny Ryan is forced to fight back with a cruel troll

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