Charlotte Dawson flaunts her fourth weight loss, claiming she “loved her beautiful belly”

Charlotte Dawson In a frank comparison video, she showed off her four stone weight loss.

Mom of One Charlotte, 29 years old She was told by her doctor that she was on the verge of type 2 diabetes Earlier this year.

After dropping four stones, Charlotte shared his candid video before and after the health review. Both clips look just as good.

The video shows her in a black bra and leggings dancing in the bathroom before transforming. It is placed next to Charlotte’s clip posing with a smile in a pink leopard print bikini.

Charlotte Dawson showed off her four stone weight loss before and after the comparison video

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When Charlotte posted a video on her Instagram page, she claimed to “love my beautiful Bere,” but she also enjoys the journey she has taken.

She told 1.3 million followers in the caption:

“What a belt! Can you believe they are me ?!

“I absolutely loved my beautiful bere … but I loved this trip I’ve been on for the past six months and brought about health and lifestyle changes that I never thought I could.

Charlotte claimed that he “loved my beautiful Bere” before the lifestyle review.

“I don’t want this to sound like a show off, but I’m proud of where I have to go after I’m afraid of diabetes earlier this year.

“I’m still the real Chaza you all know and love. I don’t go to Chippe every day right now !!”

Charlotte then explained to his fans: “The reason I’m sharing my trip now is that there have been so many messages in the last two months and this plan is genuine and relevant to proper grabs & many people. Monitoring weight. The worst thing about is not enjoying it and limiting yourself from your favorite foods-even if you don’t want to lose weight, stay fit and laugh. Good !!

“That’s all,” she told fans: ..

Charlotte Dawson was said to be on the verge of type 2 diabetes before losing weight

“Training is really laughing. Lots of great props are involved. We can be stupid and can’t take it seriously in the comfort of our home or in a comfortable place.

“But you will sweat properly with lots of slashes (sweaty upper lip warning)”

Charlotte’s mother added:

“If you buy a plan, all the content will be available for 4 months, so you don’t have to start today !!

Charlotte says her fitness plan is easy

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“Let’s start with 2k22 … continue to treat during this festival, but let’s chaffin smash 2k22.”

Charlotte was soon praised for her journey by many celebrity friends and fans. Safiyya Vorajee said, “You look so great that you should be very proud of yourself.”

While fans say: “It’s not easy to do, but even in terms of your mental attitude towards your body, it’s an incredible change! You have to be a very proud baby. not”.

And another addition: “You look like a great Charlotte did well.”

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Charlotte Dawson flaunts her fourth weight loss, claiming she "loved her beautiful belly"

Source link Charlotte Dawson flaunts her fourth weight loss, claiming she "loved her beautiful belly"

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