Charlotte Crosby becomes “very excited” Bridesmaid of Holly Hagen: “It’s going to be incredible”

Holly Hargan After having to postpone his dream wedding with Jacob Bryce last year, he aims to plan a special two days.

And after the reality star 29, Shared her hope of having two weddings in the UK and Ibiza, Her bridesmaid and Geordie Shore’s companion Charlotte Crosby I’ve never been so excited to see her friend walking down the aisle.

“Yes! I’m very excited because I’m one of her bridesmaids,” said a 31-year-old woman. understood!.. “It all depends a lot on what’s happening in the world right now.

“But when that finally happens, it’s unbelievable. I’m very happy with her!”

Holly previously described her decision behind having a wedding once in the summer and once in the winter.

Holly Hagan chose Charlotte Crosby as one of her bridesmaids

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“Why did you decide on two weddings? Isn’t there enough stress to plan one? Fyi is excited about both :),” one fan asked Instagram stars. I did.

Holly said: “I want a summer and winter wedding, and don’t be surprised to see the vows renewed every five years. It’s an excuse for the party.”

She added: “We have a date booked at a beautiful venue!

Charlotte Crosby said she was “very excited” to be Holly’s bridesmaid.

“But we won’t have a British wedding until the end of Ibiza’s wedding.”

Charlotte also opened the door to Geordie Shore’s cast. She still calls her friends today because she added that they are always meeting each other.

“”I’m always with Sophie, right? I’ll talk to everyone, “she admitted.

Charlotte Crosby said he was very excited about the new fitness app Blitz’N’Burn.

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“Scott was with me two days ago. I’ve seen Nathan, Chloe and Besan. We all live in Newcastle so no one loses contact. We’re still with each other. I’m in my life. “

In 2014, Charlotte released her own fitness DVD. It is still used by people today to pave the way for a healthy lifestyle.

And this year, the TV personality She decided to return to her love of fitness with her own app called Blitz’N’Burn.

Charlotte’s fitness journey began with the release of the Workout DVD in 2014.

Talking about her latest venture, Charlotte said:Oh, I’m very excited about it and a little nervous. I made a DVD in the past and have been on a fitness trip in a closed room ever since.

“It was a great DVD, and I still do it! I was very happy to be able to meet David and Richard again.”

She added, “We were all very happy to be able to get together again to bring out a whole new level of fitness, nutrition and recipes. It will be great!”

Blitz n Burn can be purchased from the Apple and Android app stores with a monthly subscription starting at £ 14.99.

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Charlotte Crosby becomes "very excited" Bridesmaid of Holly Hagen: "It's going to be incredible"

Source link Charlotte Crosby becomes "very excited" Bridesmaid of Holly Hagen: "It's going to be incredible"

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