Charles is “proud” after claiming that he “little talked” about his son Harry’s work on climate change.

Prince Charles Seemed to provide an olive branch to his son Prince Harry, He praised his son’s efforts to emphasize climate change.

Prince of Wales, 73, said in an essay in the American publication Newsweek that he was “proud” of the Duke of Sussex, 37.

The praise comes after Harry talks about his relationship with his father in an interview with Oprah Winfrey and admits that the prince felt “disappointed” with Charles after “stopping answering the phone.”

When asked about his relationship with Prince of Wales, Harry said, “There were many wounds.”

Prince Charles praised his son Prince Harry in a new essay

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It has been reported that the pair has barely talked since the explosive interview.

But now Charles shared his pride for both his sons as he wrote: “As a father, I’m proud that my son recognized this threat.

“Most recently, my eldest son, William, has launched a prestigious Earthshot Award to drive change and help restore our planet in the next decade.”

Charles added: “My son Harry enthusiastically emphasized the effects of climate change, especially in relation to Africa, and promised to make his charity net zero.”

Prince Charles reportedly "Barely spoken" To my son Harry in 8 months
Prince Charles is reported to his son Harry in eight months, “I barely talked.”

Duke of Sussex admitted he felt "let down" By his dad in an interview with his explosive Opla
The Duke of Sussex admitted in an explosive interview with Opla that he felt “disappointed” with his father.

This is after the reports that the father and son “speaked very little” in the last eight months and the relationship between the two last month was said to be “the worst in history.”

Charles was allegedly “severely shocked and hurt” after Harry expressed “concerns” to Saudi Arabian tycoon Muffs Murray Mubarak bin Muffs, who is at the center of his father’s charity donations. I did.

Harry is reported to have donated £ 50,000 from Muffs for his Sentebale charity in 2013.

And the billionaire is said to have later donated £ 1.5 million to the Prince of Charles Foundation and received an honorary CBE a few months later. The Charity Commission has begun an investigation.

Things are said to have become even more difficult after Prince Harry said he had
Things are said to have become even more difficult after Prince Harry said he had “cut off the relationship” with billionaires Muffs Murray Mubarak bin Muffs.

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Harry later said he had cut off his relationship with Muffs because of “concerns about his motives,” adding that he was not involved in what he called the “CBE scandal.”

A friend of Prince of Wales said later Sun: “Charles was deeply shocked and disappointed by Harry’s latest statement, which effectively threw his father under the bus.

“There is a fear that this episode with Muffs may become a chapter in Harry’s autobiography.

“This attack was more damaging than swiping Charles’ parenting skills, because it’s a challenge to his way of doing business and far more damaging to the future king.

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“There is no way for Charles to fight back and protect himself publicly, so he keeps his dignified silence.

“These constant thorns about his father from the United States can be very damaging to his reign. Attempts have been made to clean the air, but most talk since the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh. Not.”

They added: “Charles loves his son so much that he doesn’t pop in Harry. It’s that easy. He’s not going to join because it’s most important to love his son.”

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Charles is "proud" after claiming that he "little talked" about his son Harry's work on climate change.

Source link Charles is "proud" after claiming that he "little talked" about his son Harry's work on climate change.

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