Charles Drury’s Lauren Goodger SPLITS: Builder reveals “on different paths”

Mark Light: 1999-2011

Lauren gained fame for The Only Way Is Essex in a 12-year relationship with former fiancé Mark Wright.

First love: Lauren and Mark taken in 2011

Their turbulent relationship was full of unfaithfulness on Mark’s side, problems of trust, and tensions between Lauren and his family.

The couple terminated their engagement in May 2011, just five months after his proposal, and the presenter married actress Michelle Keegan, 33, in 2015.

Lauren later revealed She had an abortion at the age of 20 after determining that the couple were not ready to become parents.

she said all right! 2011:’I thought I was pregnant. I haven’t taken pills and haven’t taken them for some time. Not because we were planning a baby because of the cells, but because we are grateful to God that we didn’t.

“I was late once, and I think it was the stress of what was happening. I had pregnant his baby before, but I chose not to have it. I only I was 20 years old. No one knows except my close family. ”

Jake McLean: 2012-2016

After separating from Mark, the media personality turned on and off with Jake McLean (33 years old) for four years (2012-May 2016), and Lauren suffered a miscarriage during their relationship.

Jailbird ex: Influencer shot with Jake in 2013

While competing in the ITV talent show Dancing On Ice in 2013, TV stars discovered that they had lost their foetation and later admitted that they had no choice but to “continue.”

Regarding the loss on the 2017 Channel 5 show In Therapy, she said: When I went quite far, I had to try and play. It didn’t last long. ”

Lauren and Jake split for the first time later that year, before rekindling romance in 2015.

Immediately after the final split in May 2016, Lauren said all right! Former of her ex Jailbird:’I fell in love with him. Some people say things click when I wake up one day, but that didn’t happen to me. It was gradual.

“The relationship was very difficult. I felt like I was doing my best. I’m the age I want kids, but Jake isn’t the kind of guy I want to do.”

Jake was imprisoned for three and a half years after breaking into his mother’s house two days before Christmas 2006 and overwhelmed her before a masked gang rushed in and attacked her family’s house.


The TV star has established a relationship with another prisoner, Joey Morrison, but the couple two years later 2018, despite Lauren waiting for him while spending time behind the bar. We have taken different paths in the year.

Bad Boy: TV Star and Prisoner Joey filmed in 2017

Joey, 31, was sentenced to 16 years in prison for a violent crime, but was released nine years later. Lauren and Joey split near the day of their release.

In 2019, Lauren described his two-year romance with Joey, who was convicted of a drug-related crime: I was dating, but it wasted two years. I wish I hadn’t waited for him to come out. “

I wrote a new one before! In a magazine about her relationship with Joey, she states:

“We thought we were going to get a house, get married and have children. We regret wasting our time.”

Charles Drury: 2020-Present

In October 2020, Lauren made fun of dating a mysterious man. The mysterious man was soon identified as Charles Drury.

Inseparable: Last year’s photo of Lauren and Charles

An amateur soccer player and builder clutters his social media account with images of his girlfriend.

Sharing his thoughts on their romance, Charles erupted earlier: “My favorite because your story and my story happen so naturally.”

The couple announced that they expected their first child to be together just three months after announcing their relationship.

Lauren’s partner has a history of dating older women who had previously enjoyed a short encounter with former glamor model Katie Price, 42, in 2019.

Charles Drury’s Lauren Goodger SPLITS: Builder reveals “on different paths”

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