Chantel Houghton thanks NHS after a “scary day” connecting to a monitor and taking pictures

Chantel Horton She thanked the NHS after the “scary day” because she shared her photo connected to the monitor.

38-year-old star who gained fame in 2006 after winning Celebrity Big Brother, I posted a photo on Instagram and saw that I was wearing a face mask with a heart rate monitor on my chest.

Chantelle writes:

Chantel did not share the reason she was in the hospital being treated, but was recently diagnosed with supraventricular tachycardia (SVT). This is a condition in which the heart beats much faster than normal.

Fans rang the chime immediately, hoping that Chantel would recover quickly.

Chantel thanked the NHS after the NHS came to help in a health horror

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One wrote, “I will send you a lot of love and power,” and another added, “Be careful and get well soon.”

Another wrote: “Oh! I hope you’re okay. Send me a lot of love.”

Fourth added: “The Greatest Hug Chantel”.

Come after the stars Canceled her engagement to fiancé Michael Strut in September This year.

Talk to understood!, Chantel explains:

Chantel is enthusiastic about living a healthier lifestyle after the dissolution

“Because of the blockade, I think a lot of people have probably started relationships. We moved together soon … it put a lot of pressure on things and I think it just disappeared.”

However, with the support of family and friends, Chantel was previously married to a fellow CBB contestant. Preston – Regain yourself and feel positive about the future.

“I don’t regret anything. I had a great time with Michael. Sometimes things go wrong and I can’t stay in an unhappy relationship,” she shared.

The mother wants to share how she works on health and fitness and build confidence in the tough months after her engagement is interrupted and she wins three stones.

Chantel broke up with his fiancé Michael earlier this year

She said, “I was congratulated that I was pregnant because my weight was mostly on my stomach. It sometimes hurt, but when I put on my weight, I always get hungry.

At one point I was in a store buying a baggy summer dress and a woman said, “How far have you gone?” I changed the subject by saying “Yeah”. I wanted to save both of the embarrassments. “

Chantel added, “I’m definitely feeling healthy. The other day my friend told me my skin was shining. I’m not going to weigh or measure, but my energy levels and current I feel different. Not only do I use cross trainers and step machines, but I also swim a lot while I’m having fun. “

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Chantel Houghton thanks NHS after a "scary day" connecting to a monitor and taking pictures

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