Chantel Houghton says she and ex-Preston are “still text”: “It wasn’t a failed marriage.”

Celebrity Big Brother Star Chantel Horton Opened about the current state of her relationship with her ex-husband Preston, Admitting a pair is still in regular contact.

The former couple met when they competed at CBB in 2006 and got married shortly after leaving the show, but split a little over a year later.

Almost 15 years later, Chantel confirmed that she and Preston would “always be friends” when asked if she and Preston were still in contact. New magazine..

She explained: “We send text messages every few months. We are always friends. We have special memories together and in-joke that no one else can get. I’m happy to keep what we had. “”

Chantel Houghton reveals that she and her ex-husband Preston are still sending text messages

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In an interview, she also admitted that she wants to get married again, at the age of 38.

She confessed, “I want to get married. I’ve been married before. I and Preston … our marriage was completely real. I loved him with all my heart and wanted to marry him.”

Chantel continued. “I was 21 and I was in a crazy world at the time, so I don’t consider it a marriage failure.”

Chantel said the pair was
Chantel said the pair “always be friends”

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“Even if so, I don’t see it as a real marriage, but I want to do it again.”

Chantel was planning to marry his fiancé Michael Strut, but the couple canceled their engagement last January.

since then, Chantel has lost two stones and is confident of dating again... However, she claimed to be completely happy to be single.

Chantel said he was single and happy
Chantel said he was single and happy

“I’m not afraid to be alone,” she said. New arrival..

Chantel continued. “I know there are a lot of people with someone because I can’t be alone, but I can be alone.”

“It may sound cheap, but I want to meet someone who can be alone for the next five years and then be happy for the rest of my life. Be miserable with someone who isn’t right. than.”

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Chantel Houghton says she and ex-Preston are "still text": "It wasn't a failed marriage."

Source link Chantel Houghton says she and ex-Preston are "still text": "It wasn't a failed marriage."

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