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Channel Death: How will the Minister deal with the crisis? | Political news

Boris Johnson addressed a private meeting of the Tory Parliamentary Committee in 1922 when the government was caught up in a storm earlier this month.

The headline was his approval to them in the Owen Paterson case, “On a clear road, I crashed my car.” However, most of the questions at the meeting were about small boats.

A few days ago, on November 12, a new record was set. 1,185 immigrants crossing the channel to Kent..

A senior government official told me before the tragedy last night that more meetings were held at number 10 on this issue than any other meeting. COVID The last two years. This is a problem that has a great deal of traction among voters and Conservatives.

But while the Minister of Interior declares it She is working to make this route “infeasible”, The number of small boats coming is only increasing.

The government focuses on two aspects. Coercion in cooperation with French and European authorities. Reform of the British asylum system. Both are slow and difficult.

The UK has promised French authorities £ 54 million to help patrol the coastline over 100 miles. Some of them were delivered.

Details of immigrant crossroads

However, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin has said payments are minimal and has been angry about pushing ships back to France at a briefing by the Interior Ministry in recent weeks.

With the April presidential elections, where immigration is a major issue, French politicians need to tackle more immigration pull factors, such as stricter enforcement of illegal labor and faster deportation. Said. The asylum application was rejected.

The Ministry of Home Affairs states that all these issues are being addressed by nationality and border legislation that attempts to “wholesale reform of the asylum system.” However, legislation has been challenged in parliament by opposition parties and some prominent conservatives.

Measures to allow immigrant processing in several countries, including Albania, are controversial and raise legal issues regarding attempts to prevent asylum-seekers from making multiple appeals. .. For deportation.

The government knows that the main challenge is cooperation with France, and in fact other European countries, and many of the people encamped in France had previously stayed in Germany or Belgium for months. That is also a concern.

The deterioration of the relationship has not been helped by the conflict over Brexit and the fishing industry. Concerns among Northern Ireland, and the Senior Conservatives wanting to see France punished for Britain’s departure from the EU.

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Joint patrols with France are under active consideration and may be carried out at sea or in a manner that does not violate France’s sovereignty.

The tragedy of last night has added to the need to find a solution, but there are few easy and quick answers.

Channel Death: How will the Minister deal with the crisis? | Political news

Source Channel Death: How will the Minister deal with the crisis? | Political news

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