Channel 5 for paying OCD patients who went home to find a TV crew on her flat

CHANNEL 5 apologized and offered to pay “substantial damages” to OCD patients after finding a TV crew at home.

Natasha Low Proceedings earlier this year Can’t Pay? After discovering a stranger picking up her belongings and trampling on the carpet while filming? We rob it!


Natasha Low sued Channel 5 earlier this year after finding a courtman and TV crew at homeCredit: Champion News


Victims of OCD resolved the issue out of court, even though the producer denied cheating.Credit: Champion News

As a result of the trial, Mr. Rowe said, “I experienced chest tightening and had difficulty breathing.”

She was even forced to reach for an asthma inhaler after discovering two court officials and three film crew members filming an episode in her apartment.

She said the executives involved in the program (following the debt collectors) told her she was going to carry away £ 6,000 worth of goods.

At the time, Rowe, who was using crutches for medical problems, told her OCD that she was “walking on the carpet touching her property” to five random people at home. He says that he “exacerbated the upset” of what he encountered.

She added that her distress was reportedly broadcast to “millions” of viewers and demanded up to £ 100,000 in compensation.

However, at a hearing in London’s High Court on Thursday, it was said that the legal dispute had been resolved by a settlement.

QC, William Bennett, on behalf of Ms. Rowe, told the court that Channel 5 offered to pay her legal costs, despite previously denying cheating.

The hearing was reported to have lived with a partner at the time, when Ms. Rowe was allegedly owed to her ex-girlfriend at the time of filming in February 2016.

The woman in question instructed the team to reclaim the debt at Mr. Rowe’s apartment in Woolwich, southeast London, and the team was invited while she was commuting.

She went home “panicked” after her former partner called, “I’m trying to seize her property unless I can provide a receipt to prove she owns it.” rice field.

“When she returned, she revealed to the film crew that she didn’t want to be filmed, so the crew agreed to leave the property,” Bennett said.

Mr. Rowe believed that he was about to lose his property because he did not keep the receipt. The incident was a “total shock” for her.

“The broadcast of the show caused a great deal of upset and distress to the plaintiffs,” Bennett added.

“It’s especially angry for her because she didn’t have any relevant debt.”


The debt collector came to her partner’s house in Woolwich and carried away £ 6,000 worth of goods.Credit: Champion News


Her lawyer said she was caused “significant upset and pain” by the program.Credit: Champion News

Since then, Channel 5 has promised not to rebroadcast the show or make it available on the Internet. “About the pain caused by her by the show,” she publicly apologized to Ms. Rowe.

Robbie Stern, head of Channel 5 and Brinkworth Films, said in a statement: Balance the movement between public interest issues and the right to respect privacy. “

“They are prepared to take this opportunity to accept that their relationship with the petitioner may be out of balance,” he added.

“And for that reason, they are ready to resolve her claim and apologize to her for the pain caused to her by the broadcast of the episode in question.”

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Channel 5 for paying OCD patients who went home to find a TV crew on her flat

SourceChannel 5 for paying OCD patients who went home to find a TV crew on her flat

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