Chanel Hayes shows off her ninth weight loss in a small dress while dressed as a sexy Santa

Chanel Hayes posed in a sexy red dress for Christmas, showing off an amazing weight loss of nine stones.

The 34 years old I had stomach sleeve surgery last year and have been losing weight for the past few months.


Chanel Hayes disguised as a sexy Santa on Christmas dayCredits: chanellefhayes / Instagram

Chanel posed in front of a white Christmas tree in a button-up red dress with a wide open chest.

She perfected her look with a Santa hat and matching red lipstick.

Sharing a post on Instagram, she confessed that she celebrated two versions of Christmas. It’s a more engaging and casual event with the family.

“Instagram Christmas and real Christmas. Yesterday was a wonderful day. Send a lot of virtual love and hugs to those who didn’t. Thank you very much ❤️❤️❤️” she said. I added a caption to the post.

Her Christmas reality featured a make-up-free look on her PJ and a sofa snuggling up to her two sons and parents.

“Gorgeous ❤️” commented by one of her fans.

Another addition: “🔥🔥❤️❤️ As beautiful as ever”

And the third wrote: “Oh, you look great ❤️🔥”.

After her incredible weight loss, she was left with a lot of extra skin, but her dream of undergoing further surgery was put on hold.

The two mothers explained: “I looked into surgery, but because I’m a student nurse, I only have two weeks off in the summer, so I don’t have time to safely recover and treat my patients. Now until I qualify.

“But that’s what I’ve looked at, but I need to make sure that my education is my top priority and that I’m prioritizing. In fact, I can’t take the recovery time at that moment.”

Star that lost half a stone In just 3 weeks Using the Muscle Food Goal Getters Plan, she revealed that she feels better than ever.

She told us: If I can tell you that someone loves every part of my body, I would like to introduce him. No one is perfect.

“People may look at my body and look like” I want to be like that “, while others may look like” I hate it, get rid of it. “

Chanel added: “But if you’re asking about my body compared to a year ago, what the heck, run Trafalgar Square naked right away.”

At the height of her fame in 2009, the former Big Brother Star Weighing 8.5 stones, I tried to achieve a WAG body by eating and drinking most of the laxatives-thin with big boobs.

Unable to find a happy medium, Chanel ate Domino’s Pizza in a rush and her weight went out of control.

When she was the heaviest, she was too embarrassed to leave the house and was at risk of developing diabetes.


She also showed the “reality” of Christmas with her family on the couchCredits: chanellefhayes / Instagram


Chanel lost nine huge stones


But she has excess skin left that she doesn’t have time to surgically removeCredit: Instagram
Chanel Hayes takes off her underwear and shows off her 9.5th weight loss after revealing laxative addiction

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Chanel Hayes shows off her ninth weight loss in a small dress while dressed as a sexy Santa

Source link Chanel Hayes shows off her ninth weight loss in a small dress while dressed as a sexy Santa

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