Chanel Hayes says she can’t sleep because she has a “bone ache” after being diagnosed with ME

Chanel Hayes Frankly Opened in her ME state, She “feels like the bones are exploding”, so she reveals that she can’t sleep.

former older brother Star, 34, opened the door to 120,000 Instagram followers when he posted to an Instagram story.

In a post, Chanel shared her struggles to say, “When I can’t sleep because my bones hurt,” followed by a series of sad faces and crying emojis.

She added a GIF sticker for a woman who was upset while in bed, and added another sticker that simply says “pain.”

Chanel’s condition was not diagnosed before her weight loss

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Later, she added another post like this:

It comes after Chanel opens with her ME diagnosis after her 9 stone weight loss.

Her chronic condition afflicts her. She compared pain to childbirth, and fatigue remained tied to her bed for days.

ME is a long-term condition with various symptoms. According to the NHS, the most common symptom is extreme fatigue.

Chanel revealed that he couldn’t sleep because his bones hurt

Chanel’s chronic illness was eventually undiagnosed and had been suffering from fatigue and joint and muscle pain for many years.

She revealed: “I always put my symptoms on being very obese.”

Chanel added to the sun:

“Then when I started losing weight, I felt the pain was getting worse.

Chanel reveals how her condition hurt her bones

“It’s a hidden obstacle that people ridicule when you’re lazy.

“But I have slept for 14 hours, and when I wake up in the morning, I still don’t have enough energy to brush my teeth and straighten my hair.

“It’s literally terrible and frustrating. I’m so angry about how tired I am that I find myself crying.”

Chanel Hayes was diagnosed with me after losing 9 stones

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Chanel, who recently showed off her weight loss in a pink bikini, added: “I don’t understand why my body doesn’t let me do certain things.

“I’m a qualified personal trainer and I love going to the gym, but I can’t go physically anymore. Once I go, I’m out of bed for about four days.

“I’m sleeping a lot, so I feel like I’m missing a lot of time with my kids. I’ve lost more weight than I expected because of the amount of sleep.”

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Chanel Hayes says she can't sleep because she has a "bone ache" after being diagnosed with ME

Source link Chanel Hayes says she can't sleep because she has a "bone ache" after being diagnosed with ME

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