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“Chainsaw Slaughter”: Sally Police Search for Phantom Lumberjack | British News

Police have surprised locals by hunting loggers who have cut dozens of trees along the particularly picturesque area of ​​the Thames in Sally.

In an incident called “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” the criminal is believed to have attacked up to 30 times in 10 days and is active in the dark.

All the trees were healthy and felled along a two-mile route between the upscale Walton-on-Thames and Weybridge. But that motive remains a mystery.

Additional police patrols have been set up to catch perpetrators who believe police may be traveling in small red cars.

The Elmbridge Tree Patrol Facebook Group, founded to report logging, has more than 400 members who are angry with meaningless vandalism. Residents warned the police to stay away from the suspect for fear of danger and to report suspicious activity to the police.

Chainsaws were scattered and heavy branches were scattered on the towpath, endangering joggers, cyclists, and roads, creating a potential danger to traffic. Underwater trees are a threat to boats and canoeers, including those from the nearby Elmbridge Canoe Club, where five trees were cut down on Tuesday night.

Pictures of this area show that trees are stumps and debris on the towpath and the entire nearby road.

“As you know, we’re maniacing around Weybridge, Walton-on-Thames, and Cobbham, cutting down trees, destroying the environment, ecosystems, and habitats, and upsetting everyone,” said a Facebook group message. I am.

The first report of logging was made on March 28th. Local police and council leaders urged residents to provide information.

InspBert Dean, commander of the Elmbridge district, said: We are considering every opportunity to identify who is responsible for this. “

To Joint statement, Surrey police and the Elmbridge Autonomous Region Council said many trees were first logged by chainsaws around the Kawisale area of ​​Walton-on-Thames on March 28.

“Since then, Sally Police and Elmbridge Autonomous Region Council have identified at least 20 other cases of trees logged in Walton and Weybridge.

“We are following up on all relevant information and would like to reassure the local community that the investigation is ongoing. Patrols will also be conducted in the targeted areas.”

Anthony Cilia, a kitchen fitter who retired from Weybridge, who first discovered the damage, I told MailOnline: “Why this person is doing this is beyond me. There are many wooded areas nearby, but for some reason they chose to do it in a public area on the banks of the river. I’m out.

“There are no chopped trees for firewood. The worry is that no matter who they are, they have access to a chainsaw that is strong enough to cut through a 60 cm tree trunk.”

Cilia said four trees were cut down on Tuesday night, one of which blocked the road. When he heard the chainsaw buzz early Thursday, he rushed out, but found only council workers cutting one of the trees that had already been cut down for removal. ..

Weybridge’s Elmbridge canoeing club examined CCTV footage to see if the suspect was caught by the camera, but the camera did not cover the exact area.

Walton South councilor Christine Elmer said some of the cut down trees were planted to commemorate her loved ones. “It’s really important if anyone has any information about who is logging around our towns and larger boroughs, including commemorative trees, to get in touch with the Elmbridge police.” She tweeted.

Others used Facebook to dissipate their anger and discuss possible motives, such as complaints against the council, revenge, or even that it was the job of a video game fan. Fortnite Perform logging work.

“Chainsaw Slaughter”: Sally Police Search for Phantom Lumberjack | British News

Source “Chainsaw Slaughter”: Sally Police Search for Phantom Lumberjack | British News

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