Catherine Tillsley’s son asked a doctor to “change the sex of the baby” when the pregnant star found the sex.

former Coronation Street actress Catherine Tillsley Currently expecting a second baby – a little girl.

A stunning star, 38, that catches up with us about how her pregnancy progresses for the second time. A person who recently flaunted her flowering bumpShe said she was “most excited” to see her son Alfie embrace her sister for the first time.

The star also shared his humorous reaction with the moment Alfie had a sister.

“Alfie is very excited to be a brother. When we found out that it was a girl, Alfie asked the doctor if he could turn it into a boy.

“I’m sure he’ll get over it and congratulate him, but he’s really excited, he can’t wait,” Catherine said. all right!

Catherine Tillsley shared her adorable reaction when she learned that she would have a younger sister.

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Fitness enthusiasts also shared that she and her husband Tom Pitfield have some name ideas in mind, but they haven’t picked one yet.

Catherine explains: “I have several names, but I told Tom that I needed to meet her before making a decision.

“I could choose a name, but she may not look like that name, so I’m sure she’ll wait until she’s here.”

Husband Tom and sons Alfie and Catherine

actress She released news in October that she was expecting a baby girl, And she is scheduled for next year.

The beauty of the brunette says, “I can’t tell you how we are completely blessed right now. @ Tompitfieldphotography, I’m very happy to announce that Alfie and I are expecting a baby. ..

“It was hard to keep this a secret !!”

The actress released news that she is expecting a baby girl in October

Catherine also talks about her health and fitness all right! I talked about the company she defends – Sympathize.

The star started his journey to Symprove eight years ago and explained why.

“Many years ago, I was really suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, and I had just taken an antibiotic course.

“I heard about Symprove, but I didn’t look back. At that time, I was taking a lot of IBS medication and was hospitalized because I had a lot of pain.

Catherine praises Symprove

“Symprove has become a big part of my life. I was able to get rid of all the huge medicines. That was a huge problem for me. Since then I’ve become a little Symprove geek I told everyone. “”

Founded in 2002, Symprove helps maintain a healthy bowel balance. Catherine explained that it was very helpful in improving digestive problems.

The star added: “Symprove surveyed about 2,000 people, many of whom had hidden pain and problems in their digestion and were embarrassed and didn’t want to talk about the problem. It’s still a bit taboo, but I We all digested foods and IBS can make a big difference in your life.

Symprove helps you maintain a healthy bowel balance

“I’ve taken morphine several times, but the closest thing I can compare to is labor.

“When I got the chance to work with Symprove, it wasn’t easy for me.”

Catherine Tillsley is an advocate of a unique water-based dietary supplement. Symbiosis, It is based on a germinated barley extract and four strains of carefully selected live and active strains.

Catherine Tillsley's son asked a doctor to "change the sex of the baby" when the pregnant star found the sex.

Source link Catherine Tillsley's son asked a doctor to "change the sex of the baby" when the pregnant star found the sex.

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