Casino Games That Have Been Played The Longest

Your typical casino has a varety of table games and slot machines to choose from. But a quick glance can usually tell you which games are older and which games are new. However, some games stand out as having been played for the longest amount of time.


Roulette is an excellent example of this. It is considered one of the oldest casino games in history. Online casinos like Lucky Creek offer European Roulette, which is the table game with the longest history.

Since the 18th century people have been enjoying a good game of Roulette, though it was originally called Roly Poly. However, British players missed out on the game for almost an entire century. This is because the British government chose to ban it from the country’s casinos.

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But Roulette was saved by France, beginning in the 18th century. As the centuries passed, Roulette evolved into what it is today.


Another example of casino games with a long history is Blackjack. The original name of the game was 21, and it dates back to the 17th century. At that time, an author named Miguel de Cervantes wrote a book in which the two main characters were accomplished cheaters. They used their knowledge and experience to rig the game so that they were gauranteed a win. Though 21 was already a popular game as far back as the 1500s, this 17th century store helped grow the popularity of the game the world now knows as Blackjack.

Slot machines

But it isn’t only table games with a long history. Some of the oldest slot machine games include the original, which is called Liberty Bell, and was invented by a man named Charles Augustus Fey. The game made its debut in 1895. At the time, most slots were Poker games. But Mr. Fey created a slot that had three reels filled with five symbols, with the Liberty Bell being the msot important.

To get a glimpse at the world’s oldest slot, you will have to visit the U.S., specifically Reno, Nevada. This is where you will find the slot at the Liberty Belle Saloon & Restaurant.

Though the original slots were strictly mechanical machines, in 1963, Bally’s released the first electromechanical slot machine. Money Honey was, at the time, the fastest running slot which was the first to accommodate bets made with multiple coins. Since players could now win more money than ever before, the slot became the breakout game of its generation.

20 years after Money Honey was released, the Fortune Coin slot made history. It was the first to utilize advances in technology that allowed the slot to boast a video screen and microchips, eliminating the need to use physical reels. Though players were wary of the game at first, its 1979 debut was still considered a success.

These oldest casino games all paved the way for the games you see in today’s casinos. Many incorporate features of the industry’s oldest slots and table games.

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