Casino Games for Beginners and Pros

The beauty of gambling games is that there are casino games for beginners and pros, meaning that both novices and experienced people can enjoy them to the maximum as they feature both fantastic gameplay and great rewards.

That is exactly the topic that we wanted to discuss in this article. We are going to provide you with a list of 3 casino games that are suitable for both types of players. Let’s check it out.


Baccarat is a classic casino game and if you are wondering how to play baccarat – the gameplay and rules are very easy. This is a comparing card game in which the player is up against the banker. There are three possible outcomes of each round – either the player wins, the banker wins, or it is a tie.

In this game, cards 2-9 have a value equivalent to their number (face value), while 10 and the rest of the Royals have no value (0). Aces are worth 1 point and jokers are not used. The value of the cards is the sum. For example, if you have a hand of 4 and 6, your hand value would be 10.


Blackjack is one of the oldest known game and due to its simplicity, this is among the casino games for beginners and pros. The gameplay is similar to baccarat. You are up against the dealer and you are dealt with two cards. The goal of the game is to have a sum greater than the one of the dealer, but without it exceeding 21.

At the beginning of the game, you are dealt with two cards, the same as the dealer. The dealer shows one card and you decide whether you want to be dealt one more card or not. The player wins on 3 occasions – if the sum of cards is greater than the dealers, if the sum is exactly 21, or if the sum of cards of the dealer exceeds 21. Cards 2-10 are valued as their number, while Royals are valued at 10.


The last of the casino games for beginners and pros is the most popular category of al time – slots. All players have to do to play slot games is to set their desired bet and spin the wheel. Depending on the jackpot, there are two types of slots – progressive and standard. The jackpot in progressive slots increases as players feed the game.

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