Cash remains the payment method most drivers want to park

The council asked to keep an automated teller machine in the parking lot, as it remains the driver’s most popular payment choice, even during a pandemic.

  • Cash is the preferred payment method for most parking drivers.
  • However, young drivers want to use a card or smartphone
  • AA requires Congress to maintain payments by automated teller machines for drivers

Cash is still the number one option for paying parking fees among drivers, but young drivers prefer to use cards and technology, new research reveals.

According to an AA survey, about 46% of drivers say that paying parking fees in cash is the first option, rising to 56% for drivers over the age of 65 and 62% for low-income households.

On the other hand, tip and pin payments are second, and contactless payments using cards or smartphones are third. Pay by app and phone to complete the top five.

However, the report found that drivers aged 18 to 24 were ready to avoid banknotes and coins in favor of cards and technology.

The majority of drivers still prefer to pay in cash when parking, a new study reveals

Half say that the first option for parking payments is contactless payments, the second is Chip & Pin, and the third is apps.

The study was conducted as many local governments throughout the UK changed their policies to allow cashless payments only during a pandemic, reducing the amount of cash processed by multiple people.

Some councils also said the move to a cashless option saved repair costs and reduced costs by preventing thieves from stealing cash on the machine.

However, while offering cashless payments is popular with young drivers, older drivers and low-income households prefer to manage their budgets in cash.

They added that they wanted the flexibility to pay parking fees in coins and make changes on the local high streets.

As a result, AA requires Congress to retain cash parking payments to give drivers of all ages and backgrounds access to local stores and facilities.

How drivers pay parking fees (all drivers compared to drivers aged 18-24)
Rank Parking fee setting (all drivers) Parking fee setting (18-24 only)
1 cash Non-contact via card / smartphone
2 Tip & Pin Tip & Pin
3 Non-contact via card / smartphone Via app
Four Via app cash
Five on the phone on the phone
Source: AA

Jack Cousens, Head of Road Policy at AA, said: From the center of their town.

“Many households prefer to physically check their budget, which gives them a better sense of how much cash they will have.

“Removing a cash car park from the town center can hurt the local economy in the same way that shoppers decide to move their business elsewhere.

“Parking revenues from some authorities represent three-quarters of Council tax revenues, so council leaders wouldn’t want to lose a valuable source of funding.

“Given the low level of support for payments made by telephone options, the council may remove this option altogether, but it is less likely to add transaction fees to the hourly wage to help increase funding. . “

The results are based on a survey of more than 14,000 respondents by AA conducted in July this year.


Cash remains the payment method most drivers want to park

Source link Cash remains the payment method most drivers want to park

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