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Cash promotion to transform English colleges

Sixty-two further education colleges will have to use more than միլիոն 400 million to renovate their buildings and convert their campuses. Raising funds will help more people acquire the skills needed to find a good job, increasing opportunities across the country.

The colleges announced today will be the last to benefit from the government’s միլի 1.5 billion in additional education capital conversion fund. This significant contribution contributes to the transformation of education after the age of 16 by providing excellent places for colleges to study and modern, accessible facilities for students.

Funding will assist colleges in undertaking construction or renovation projects that will dramatically improve the learning environment, including the creation of special teaching facilities for subjects such as automotive engineering, ICT, science, and engineering. This will help more people get the training they need to make progress, reward jobs, and fill skills gaps in local communities. Some colleges will also build new study areas to replace poorly maintained buildings in city centers or universities.

Minister of Skills Alex Burgart said.

Our priority is to ensure that every student receives the high quality training needed to secure a well-paying job so that businesses in emerging industries such as construction, engineering and digital systems have a strong talent pipeline as we continue to provide opportunities around the world. : country.

That is why we are investing so that colleges can create modern, targeted spaces that meet the needs of the students և the communities in which they serve and, most importantly, continue to be fantastic places to learn.

The Fund for the Transformation of Further Education Capital was first launched by the Prime Minister in September 2020.

The first phase of the foundation was to provide 200 200 million to all colleges so that they could carry out urgent restoration work to renovate their buildings.

Then, in April 2021, the government announced its intention to work with sixteen colleges on some of the country’s poorest sites to improve their sites and ensure they were great places to study. One of these projects, Stafford College, is under construction and others will be ready soon.

Today’s announcement is the result of a competition that was open to all colleges for additional funding to help modernize their universities.

This significant contribution is part of the Government’s Further Technical Education Correction Reform, as set out in the White Paper on Job Skills.

The foundation is based on activities already underway to transform education after the age of 16. This includes spreading new high-quality T-level qualifications, building a network of technology institutes, and ensuring that everyone, no matter where they live or where they come from, can acquire the skills needed to advance their work at any stage of their lives.

Cash promotion to transform English colleges

SourceCash promotion to transform English colleges

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