Case Grace: My amp was sold on eBay, but the buyer says it wasn’t received

I put my amp on eBay on the marketplace and sold it for £ 220, but I didn’t want to bother shipping it, so I sold it “collection only”.

The buyer sent me a message asking if I could arrange my own courier and pay via PayPal. I agree and the UPS delivery driver will now pick up the item on the day the buyer advised.

The buyer did not submit the documents to attach to the item and the UPS courier provided me nothing. I managed to take two pictures of him collecting items.

A few days later, I received a message from the buyer that I hadn’t received the item yet, and UPS said I hadn’t received it.

eBay sellers were shocked to learn that the buyer who received the amp claimed to have lost the amp.

The buyer requested a refund via eBay. Surprisingly, I was forced to refund the buyer because I couldn’t provide proof of the delivered goods. So, in addition to £ 220, I lost £ 6.68 PayPal and my amp.

I appealed to eBay’s decision within 30 days because I sold the item just for the collection, so I shouldn’t be responsible for the loss of the item.

The purchaser paid for the courier via Parcel Compare. I contacted both UPS and ParcelCompare to find out what happened, but neither company talked to me because I wasn’t the one who paid for the delivery. How can I get my money back? Via FM, email

Grace Gausden, a consumer expert at This is Money, replied: This whole situation sounds frustrating, and you categorically claim that eBay didn’t dial its investigation to 11.

There is a picture of the UPS receiving the cargo and the delivery driver taking the amplifier away.

One of your main complaints is that you advertised the item only as a collection and it was collected, so you did everything you could and took no responsibility for the problem.

Grace of the case

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After filing the complaint, the online bidding site investigated, but again ruled in favor of the buyer.

I was frustrated when ParcelCompare didn’t talk to you directly. You decide to look up the tracking ID on that website and find that the delivery status has been delivered.

I talked to eBay many times over web chat and phone to resolve this, such as sending a copy of the shipping notification.

An eBay representative sent this notice, but received a reply stating that the request was rejected because the shipping notice was received after the appeal period.

It was only then that you knew that eBay’s money-back guarantee wouldn’t cover the buyer if they bought the item just for the collection.

It seemed unfair that you were out of your pocket not only by hundreds of pounds but also by the amp, so I contacted eBay-for something that wasn’t your fault.

He admitted that he initially supported the buyer, but said that after further review by the escalation team on eBay, the decision was canceled and a full refund was given.

Despite the fact that there was a chase that he received the amp, eBay still refunded the buyer

Despite the fact that there was a chase that he received the amp, eBay still refunded the buyer

An eBay spokesperson said:

“Our eBay Money-back Guarantee guarantees an immediate refund if the buyer does not receive what they ordered. However, the eBay Money-back Guarantee guarantees that the goods are delivered by a third party on behalf of the buyer. Transactions that are collected are excluded.

“For this reason, Mr. M is entitled to a full refund and apologizes for not making the right decision in the first review.”

The warranty confirms that the goods explicitly exclude transactions collected by third parties on behalf of the purchaser.

A UPS spokesman said: We are investigating this issue. ”

But even if the seller looks strong and right, this isn’t the first time that eBay has been taken up by the buyer.

Previously i Covered the story The seller, who sent the buyer a £ 400 jacket, claimed to have received an old jumper instead.

In this case, eBay also sided with the buyer and refunded it to the seller.

Fortunately, this was overturned after our involvement, which means that many eBay sellers are still struggling to refund their money after buyers have fraudulently complained. Means

Hit and Miss: This Week’s Naughty and Nice List

Every week, we look at companies that are below expected standards and that go one step further for our customers.

Miss: Cruise ship travel agency this week Igloo, Has been criticized by customer Margo.

She states:

In September 2020, Covid-19 decided to transfer to Queen Victoria’s cruise to the Canary Islands on November 1, 2021.

“Igle insisted on holding all the money for a cruise on the Canary Islands, which was only 25 percent of the cost of traveling to Australia.

On June 16, 2021, Cunard canceled the Canary Islands sailing Queen Victoria, but transferred it to Queen Elizabeth and directly notified her that she would receive the booking details within a few weeks.

In addition, you do not have to pay a balance of £ 3,000 up to 30 days before the departure date. I have sent a copy of this email to Iglu, but I have to pay my balance now and have not provided any advice on changing ships or changing booking terms.

Customers were confused after being informed of conflicting information about cruise trips

Customers were confused after being informed of conflicting information about cruise trips

Unfortunately, some vacationers who have seen their trip to the coronavirus canceled or delayed are still facing confusion and confusion.

I was dissatisfied with the changes made to the cruise and also angry at receiving conflicting information from the cruise company and the travel agency.

I contacted Igloo to find out why I was told I need to pay now, even though I was previously advised in another way.

A spokeswoman said: ‘I would like to apologize to Margo for any inconvenience caused by booking the cruise.

“On the cruise line, ship changes are considered minor booking modifications, as ship classes and guest cabins remain at the same level.

‘According to the Terms of Service, the cruise line can make minor changes, no consent is required and the contract remains valid.

“Customers would have been notified of this ship’s changes by Iglu Cruise.

“In response to news from the cruise line that customers can pay their balances 30 days before departure, Iglu Cruise has modified its policy to shorten payments accordingly, and the cruise line has been paid on time.

“The customer contacted Iglu Cruise to inquire about this, but unfortunately received incorrect information because the agent is not yet aware of the new payment terms. The Iglu Cruise agent has changed the cruise line booking policy. And have been notified about the specific case of this customer.

“We apologize for any misunderstandings that occurred during the renewal of payment terms. Since then, we hope to advise you on the correct payment date and enjoy your enjoyable cruise.”

John Lewis customers praised the service they received after the AirPods stopped working

John Lewis customers praised the service they received after the AirPods stopped working

This news means that you have to pay for the cruise in advance and it’s not the place you originally wanted to travel.

But at least you now have clarity and your trip will be much cheaper. Hope we can set sail for next month’s sunset-no more problems.

strike: This week, reader Sarah praised John Lewis To replace some defective airpods.

She states: “I bought an Apple AirPods Pro from John Lewis on October 19, 2020. I went to the Apple store where I confirmed that the port was broken because the cable stopped charging.

“But they couldn’t help because the one-year warranty was in place since the AirPods were sent to John Lewis on October 7, so I lost the 12-day warranty.

“John Lewis can last much longer with Apple products, and Apple’s warranty is always short without the consumer’s knowledge.

“But John Lewis was great, he just changed his headphones when he was supposed to be Apple.”

Apple seems to need to take a sip of John Lewis’s customer service level.

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Case Grace: My amp was sold on eBay, but the buyer says it wasn’t received

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