Caroline Weir’s second-half strike grabs Manchester’s WSL victory over Arsenal | Football

“Some people believe football is a matter of life and death. I’m very disappointed with that attitude. I can be sure it’s much more important than that,” said Bill Shankly.

In the year when the epidemic stopped and sports became contextual, we remembered over and over again that football wasn’t really a problem. But at the icy academy stadium, with the important link between Arsenal in second place and Manchester City in fourth place, the importance of the result, the final two-on-one victory over the city, felt like leaving the world. But the broader importance of football and the role it can play will be felt stronger than ever.

In building this fixture, Arsenal centerback Jennifer Beatty spoke publicly for the first time in October about her diagnosis of breast cancer. When she received the news on the night of October 8, she scored against Brighton next Sunday, and the team swallowed her bitterly. With her family in Scotland and the pandemic rage, her football family intervened.She told the BBC, “Celebrating that goal. [summed] I will upload the whole experience and how the girl reacted. “

Manchester United Maintaining an undefeated record in the Women’s Super League reading..

Leah Galton opened the scoring 32 minutes after being cleared by Hailey Rudd (pictured), but Reading caught up in the 10th minute after Jess Fishrock’s shot missed Millie Turner. Rudd went home from a short distance after Reading couldn’t clear the corner and won what proved to be the winner seven minutes later.

United’s victory extended the lead at the top of the table to three points as Arsenal acknowledged the injured winner in Manchester City.

Chelsea Move up Arsenal Thanks to a 1-0 victory at Brighton, he came in second at the table. Sam Carr was the winner in the 21st minute, following last week’s hat-trick. Inessa Cargman hit the crossbar early in the second half, but the home team couldn’t find an equalizer.

World Cup winner Alex Morgan scored two games in a row as follows: Tottenham beat Aston Villa 3-1 will move up to 8th place on the table. Morgan was defeated in the area in the 12th minute, changing the penalty to cool, but when Nadine Hansen picked up the loose ball and chipped the goalkeeper from a long distance, Villa caught up with a great style. ..

The Spurs returned 37 minutes later as Morgan’s cross was turned into his net by Caroline Seams and Rosela Ayan scored a point shortly after the hour mark on the club’s first goal.

Bristol City After being hit 4-0 at home, it remains rooted at the bottom of the table West ham, In the game Birmingham And Everton It was postponed because the pitch was flooded. PA media

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Here in Manchester, a 29-year-old woman was hugged again, this time on both sides, and warmed up in a shirt with her name and number on her back. That was even more appropriate given the Scottish defender, who had been receiving radiation therapy and played for 90 minutes, spent four years on his home team before rejoining Arsenal in 2019.

When it comes to football, Montemuro’s team is fighting the people around them at the top of the season, suffering a cup defeat to City and Chelsea last month and the first league defeat to Manchester United in table toppers, followed by an own goal and a draw in Chelsea. .. But if Arsenal were rattled by their records against England’s biggest side, they didn’t show it early in Manchester. Their press game started in earnest and quickly succeeded.

England’s fullback Lucy Bronze’s bad pass put pressure on Keira Walsh to play the ball straight to the feet of WSL record goal scorer Fifiane Midema with one touch. ..

Arsenal’s press seemed to burn out quickly, despite a fresh foot with Citi, who played in the Champions League on Wednesday. Citi has regained its composure and has grown into a game. US World Cup winners Sammewis and Winger Chloe Kelly were at the center of their best play.

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At the 30 minute mark they grabbed the equalizer. Caroline Weir’s corner floated in the box, and Beatty interfered with goalkeeper Lydia Williams, preventing her from clearing the punch and allowing Mewis to send a loop header.

However, the fact that none of the last 13 WSL games between these two teams ended in a draw was an ominous sign, but with an additional 4 minutes, Weir attacked from 20 yards and City. Brought victory to. Arsenal fell to 3rd place.

It was a cruel blow for Arsenal, who dropped points to their rivals again. Another day, we will have more trouble with Montemuro, who said Arsenal’s problem was “obviously spiritual.” But on the day when Beatty’s story was most important, it can wait.

Caroline Weir’s second-half strike grabs Manchester’s WSL victory over Arsenal | Football

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