Caroline Flack’s mother accuses late star “fake friends” of sadness for her on television

Caroline FlackMother accused her “fake friend” of mourning her daughter on television.

Christine said it was painful to see people claiming to be friends when they weren’t friends with their deceased daughter at the start of Good Grief Trust’s Grief Awareness Week.

The 71-year-old daughter said she had a few friends who were really there for her, but some people claim they are close.

Caroline killed herself at the age of 40 February 15, 2020.

Her mom told the sun: “It’s difficult. I saw someone calling her a friend on TV this week. It really hurts.”

“I like to see Natalie, Josie, and Dawn, but sometimes it hurts when I have to meet someone who says she knows her,” she added.

Caroline Flack’s mom slams “fake friends”

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The late presenters were close friends with Natalie Pinkham, charity CEO Josie Norton, and writer Dawn O’Porter.

Dawn recently came from Los Angeles, where she lives with the actor’s husband, Chris O’Dowd. Pay tribute to Caroline on her birthday.

Josie and Caroline met when they lived together in Camden.

She met Dawn while introducing I’m A Celebrity: Extra Camp and Natalie while working on a poker show.

Christine keeps in touch with her daughter's close friends
Christine keeps in touch with her daughter’s close friends

Star’s friend Lou Teesdale was taking care of Caroline before he died, and when Caroline took his life while Lou was out, he left home and went to the store. ..

Lou was then unable to enter the house, so he called Caroline’s dad.

Her death was determined to be suicide by an inquest in August last year.

It happened the day after hearing that the public prosecutor’s office would proceed with a trial allegedly attacking her. Model and former tennis player boyfriend Lewis Burton December 2019.

Christine says it’s even more difficult than last year and expects the festival to be difficult because it’s “real”.

Caroline died in February 2020
Caroline died in February 2020

The family often visited Norfolk’s memorial bench, where she grew up to save Caroline’s memory.

They sit there to talk about Caroline and visit on Christmas day.

Christine said:

“It’s like yours, it’s hers. I like to go there and sit down. It allows you to talk to Carrie because you feel stupid somewhere else. . “

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Caroline Flack's mother accuses late star "fake friends" of sadness for her on television

Source link Caroline Flack's mother accuses late star "fake friends" of sadness for her on television

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