Carol Wright talks about breast surgery that builds self-confidence: “There’s nothing embarrassing.”

Carol Wright understood! VIP readers are at her wonderful Essex home as she is exclusively open about how recent breast surgery has completely changed her confidence.

In honest chat and filming, 61-year-old Carol suffered from physical self-confidence in the past and felt like “the sexiest woman on the beach” and her 60th birthday was her big turning point. Talk about the reason I felt myself.

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We are accustomed to seeing her illuminate our screen as the glamorous patriarch of the Wright clan. But behind the scenes, Carol Wright admits that her low body self-confidence made her feel like “the sexiest woman on the beach.”

So the former TOWIE star did a chest bulge and shrinkage to help her return to an old Carol-like mood – and she’s excited about the results.

“I got exactly what I wanted,” Carroll says new. “I am very confident. I am 61 years old and have nothing embarrassing. Would you like to feel better?”

Carroll describes what her 38-year-old husband, Marksner, is thinking about her new wealth: I keep showing them to him and saying, “Do you think they look good?” And he says “yes” and then turns his head. He’s a little scared and can’t see for now! “

Carol says she feels like a new woman
Carol says she feels like a new woman

Carroll adds that his sons Mark (34) and Josh (32) “don’t get involved in such things,” while her girls Jess (36) and Natalia (21) “I fully understand why I’m doing it.”

Meanwhile, Jess and Josh recently mentioned that she was “beyond the moon” when she told her that Carroll’s year was expecting her first child with each partner.

So, here, when Carol welcomes new things to her gorgeous Essex house, she talks about entering 2022 with new confidence and prepares to be two grandmothers, and they. The truth behind the reality of the Wright family shows rumors …

Hello Carol! splendid. How have you been feeling since the surgery?

I feel good. I am very confident. I’m 61 years old and I have nothing to be ashamed of. You won’t get the best boobs of my age, and if you want to do that, I’m wondering “Why?” Would you like to feel better?

that’s right! Why was it the right time for you to do this now?

I’ve always said that the 60th time I’m definitely going to get it done, and I’ve been thinking about it for the last five years. My boobs were too big for my frame.I have pretty small shoulders and my poor mother [Nanny Pat] There was such a rickets, so I thought, “If you keep carrying these boobs, you will be the same as her.”

She didn’t have big boobs, but it was from behind her and I thought I was down that route if I didn’t classify them. It’s pretty conceited and looks great, but every time I buy a swimsuit or bikini I have to buy something with big bras and bones, which makes me feel like the sexiest woman on the beach.

I shouldn’t look sexy at the age of 61, but you still want to feel that way because it’s the way you felt your entire life. I turned 60 and booked everything, but Covid hit and kept canceling.

Wright's patriarch said she felt like
Wright’s patriarch said she felt like “the sexiest woman on the beach”

When did you finally achieve that?

Well, I did my research on who really goes with, and about 12 weeks ago I went to a hospital group, and they were really great. My surgeon, Hazem Alfie, was great and talked about the procedure for breast ridges. I was a little worried before, but I knew I was in the best condition.

I got exactly what I wanted. I am very happy with the result and now I am very happy and confident. The aftercare was also great. Before I left, I went with the driver and picked up 20 tubs of Cadbury Hero for each of the doctors and nurses. Because they were really my heroes.

From what size did you go?

I don’t really know. I’ve always wanted small boobs, but I think it’s half the size of what it used to be. Previously, I couldn’t walk around without a bra because the bra didn’t look right. Even if you are wearing pajamas, you have to wear a bra because of the hanging. I had a new implant to replace what I put in 25 years ago.

What does your husband Mark think about your new asset?

He didn’t care if I did it, but he’s pretty squeaky and I still have some scratches. He couldn’t even see the baby born properly, he had to run out of room just before they came out! I keep showing them to him and saying, “Do you think they look good?” And he says “yes” and then turns his head.

He’s a little scared and can’t see for now.He has nothing to do with them and he hasn’t really talked to them so far [laughs]!! Every day the scars were getting better and I said to him, “Wait, this time in three months, you won’t even know I did it.” Apart from being stiffer and smaller!

Former TOWIE star also opened up about family reactions to her surgery
Former TOWIE star also opened up about family reactions to her surgery

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What did your child think about you having surgery?

They were fine. The boys are a little … not very involved in that. But the girls were fine and fully understood why I was doing it. And now that I’ve done it, they think it’s great. They said, “Why?”

Ah! You recently went to Dubai. Are you confident in your swimsuit?

I felt much better and was confident enough to slip on the top of the bandeau bikini, but usually I couldn’t because my boobs were hanging sideways. It changed my self-esteem.

I was planning to have a 60th big party hosted by the kids, but I’m glad I had at least the 60th party because I couldn’t because of the blockade. We couldn’t have a party, so the kids gave us 60 gifts instead! I said, “I don’t know what to do with this extra, so don’t do this again.” But it was very sweet.

very! Your family experienced a difficult time with Covid from the end of 2020 to 2021. Did you get surgery because of that experience?

Yeah, I thought life was so short that you should do what you want because you don’t know where to go around the corner. I think you need to live your life to the fullest and enjoy it.What happened when Covid and we lost our brother-in-law [Eddie] It was the most horrifying time ever.

Christmas [2020] It was terrible, and I never want to remember that Christmas. We all had Covid, my husband was in and out of the hospital, and it was so scary, and then my brother-in-law never left the hospital. He died, and it was just absolutely terrible.

Carol remembered the most difficult moment of 2021
Carol remembered the most difficult moment of 2021

I’m sorry. Thankfully, I have a lot of fun this year, such as becoming a grandma twice …

You’re angry, right? Everyone told me that if I had one grandchild, it would come like a bus, and I thought, “It’s true!” It’s very exciting. I can’t wait.

You will be the most attractive grandma around!

Oh, thank you! But I have to take care of it for too long and I feel that it may not be the case if there are many sleepless nights. But no, I’m really looking forward to it.

Did you tell the kids what you want to be called?

I thought about it, and I really hate the name Carol, so I don’t want to be Nanny Carol like Nanny Pat. Grandma and Nana said they didn’t care. I want Mark to be called pop, but he hates it! When we were in Los Angeles and there were few marks, when he was doing extra TV, everyone called my husband pop, but he hated it. I think it’s so sweet that I have to teach the kids to call them Nana and Pop.

Carol and family
Carol and family

Jess talked about how much she wanted a child. How excited were you for her and her husband William?

I was just over the moon for her. Tears came out. She came and talked to me and Natalia together. It’s just amazing. She will be a wonderful mom.

What did you think of the backlash that Josh and his wife Holly got from announcing what they expected a few days before Jess’s wedding?

Well, then it was I who told them to do it! They kept trying to gather boys and girls for dinner to talk to them before the holidays, but everyone was busy. So when we arrived at Jess’s wedding holiday, I said, “Do it now,” and they said, “No, it’s not fair.” I said, “It will be Jessica’s day.”

They did it, and they were over the moon for them. I remember Will saying, “The best news ever.” It was some nice news for them because they were very angry on and off the wedding, and Jess was always crying. No one knows how to think of it negatively.

How did Josh and Hollie convey what they expected?

They couldn’t get everyone together, so they invited me and Mark [Essex restaurant] Seesh with Holly’s mom and dad. The waiter brought a plate with a baby scan. I was like, “What is this?” I didn’t think Josh was the first, so it was very shocking. That was just the most amazing news.

Carol is incredibly intimate with all her children
Carol is incredibly intimate with all her children

Do you think Jess and Josh, hoping for a baby, have removed pressure from Mark and his actress’s wife Michelle Keegan in that division?

Yes, I hope so. When you’re ready, you’re ready. They are so busy that I am confident that it will happen when the time comes and they are ready. It’s like a load of grandchildren’s coaches instead of a bus!

Are you proud of Mark’s openness to removing the tumor?

I was very proud. He was a little hesitant to talk about it. He said to me, “Do you think I should raise it?” And I said, “Yes, because of the awareness of others, others have come across such things. If so, it helps. “That’s what people think it’s okay to ignore. A few doctors told me it was okay and I was able to leave it alone. He did it because another doctor saw it and said it needed to be removed. I am very grateful. It was very big.

It must have been very worrisome for you …

It really was. Mark said, “If I told me two years ago, if I were going to remove a large tumor from under my arm, we would have been worried for the rest of my life,” because it all happened. So fast he had to accept it.

It was all processed so fast that I had little time to worry about. He didn’t say much about it, he just went, got it done, and categorized it. It was very reassuring that he removed it, and it reassured our hearts.

Carol's daughter Jess expects her first child this year
Carol’s daughter Jess expects her first child this year

The house that Mark and Michelle are building is amazing. Will they be able to move later this year?

It’s great, it will definitely be incredible. They should be there within a few months, perhaps even before. However, Mark is a bit perfectionist and wants to be fully completed before they move in. They can move in now, but he wants to finish it altogether.

Are you near?

Yeah, they are literally 5 minutes from me. We all live close to each other. That’s really great. Unless he expects me to do the housework! I don’t want to do housework at that house. It’s too big!

And finally, is it true that this year’s Light Family Reality Show will be held?

We want so – let’s see what happens. We are in negotiations. It will follow the family and our routine. It should be really fun.

Is the whole family in it?

We will have to see it in a closer time. You can’t overstate it, so let’s just say “yes”!

Carol Wright talks about breast surgery that builds self-confidence: "There's nothing embarrassing."

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