Carol Wright details the cooking of 18 people, including children and their partners on Christmas Day

Carol Wright has opened up about her celebration plans and dishes for 18 people on Christmas Day, including her famous descendants and their partners.

former TOWIE Star said exclusively understood! Regarding her plans for a big day, she said:

“Last year I prepared it for everyone, and then we were trapped and then We all got Covid So I did all the shopping but couldn’t use it. “

She continued: “Natalia said:’Mom, I feel very guilty about food, can’t we sell it?'” But I said: “Who potatoes and parsnips?” Want to buy a bag? “

Carol Wright has revealed that she is cooking for 18 people this Christmas!

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Carol continued on how many people would entertain at Wright’s home on Christmas Day. 18 isn’t too bad, I did 28 before!

“I think I’m chasing my mother [Nanny Pat] She had five children, so she always cooked a lot and told me, “If you cook with two people, you should cook with 20 people.” And she was right! “

While her son Mark was married to actress Michelle Keegan, her daughter Jess tied a knot with her husband William Lee Kemp a few months ago, and the two now have their first child together. I’m looking forward to it.

And the 61-year-old says she looks forward to a much more cheerful time to celebrate after the “terrible time” of Christmas last year when many of her family were struck by the coronavirus.

Carroll’s 18 guests include her famous descendants Mark, Jess, Josh, Natalia and their partners.

Carol and her husband, Mark Sunner, captured Covid in December 2020, and Mark was admitted to the hospital. Meanwhile, former TOWIE star Elliott and Leah’s father, brother Eddie, died sadly after the fight against the virus in March 2021.

“This Christmas is very different from last year. It was a terrible time. I want to get ahead of 2021 and make a fresh start in 2022. I hope I can return to normal life next year. increase.”

According to Carroll, the presenter’s son, Mark, 34, was at hand to deliver food to his parents while they were in quarantine. He also warned the pair that they don’t expect 2021 to be normal.

Both Carol and her husband Mark caught Covid last Christmas.

She states: “My little mark is always correct, so I don’t want to let him know, but he does.

“Last Christmas, I remember him shopping for us and finishing the drive.

“He went through the gate and shouted.’Mom, I’m telling you this, remember these words, we won’t be back to normal until 2022!’ And I Said: “Oh, Mark should stop being so negative, leave!” And he was right.

Eddie Wright sadly died of COVID-19 after being hospitalized for the virus
Carol’s brother-in-law, Eddie Wright, sadly died of COVID-19 after being infected with the virus.

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“He said to me:” I told you, so I didn’t! “

And when it comes to New Year’s Eve celebrations, Carroll says she and her 38-year-old husband will be quiet after a period of concern at this time last year.

She concluded that: “Mark is a little scared to go out overuse of this new variant after what happened to him last year.

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Carol Wright details the cooking of 18 people, including children and their partners on Christmas Day

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