Carol Vorderman shares a snap of his son graduating after a “serious learning disability”

Master of math and former countdown presenter Carol Vorderman, 60, recently shared a snap of her rarely seen son Cameron on social media.

The TV star was naturally proud of his master’s degree graduation and wanted to share the moment with her fans and followers.

She used Instagram stories to share the news on video and celebrated how she overcame many barriers, including learning disabilities, to reach this educational milestone.

Carol is proud and explains how 24-year-old Cameron earned a master’s degree from the University of Dundee.

Carol’s son Cameron graduates with a master’s degree

Her son looked handsome in a graduation robe and was posing with his mother.

Carol also took this opportunity to dress up and show off her envy in a chic long-sleeved black dress with a pencil skirt cut.

She wrote on Instagram: I’m proud of him. “

Carol Vorderman attends his son's graduation ceremony.
Carol Vorderman attends his son’s graduation ceremony.

She also added: “

Carroll had previously spoke very openly about the difficulties his son faced in his educational career.

Chatting with Daily mailA 60-year-old celebrity explained how her youngest child’s learning disabilities made his educational journey difficult.

Carol trades her brunette color for blonde highlighting
Carol talked about her son’s learning disabilities in the past

He was rejected by the school because he was considered “destructive” and “not taught.”

“By the age of six, this kid I was supposed to be doing was rejected by schools, teachers and other students. It was sorrowful and totally sorrowful,” she said.

“And I got lost. Did I have to teach him at home? How? I just didn’t have the equipment. I know how to teach a child with this level of special needs did not.”

Carroll first noticed his son's difficulties when he taught him the alphabet.
Carroll first noticed his son’s difficulties when he taught him the alphabet.

Cameron’s first principal threatened him to leave school, but he has done great things since then. Carol Explaining the different needs of her son, “There are overlapping circles with severe dyslexia, dyslexia, ADHD, ADD, autism. Cam has severe dyslexia, ADD, ADHD.”

But he continued to overcome these first obstacles, and his mother couldn’t be proud anymore.

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Carol Vorderman shares a snap of his son graduating after a "serious learning disability"

Source link Carol Vorderman shares a snap of his son graduating after a "serious learning disability"

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