Carol Vorderman responds after Chase’s Mark Lavette is accused of “creepy” comments

Carol Vorderman A Beat the Chasers viewer said after criticizing Mark Labbett, also known as The Beast, for commenting on her “assets.”

The former Countdown Star surprised Chase’s favorites when she starred in a spin-off program as a celebrity contestant, but not because of her intellectual abilities, She was stunned by her gorgeous outfit.

Despite the mathematical genius of the 61-year-old television personality, she suffered from a nervous case and was unable to answer four questions in a row.

Mark began teasing his friends with tweets about her “tangible property” following the show, and Carroll was with her and the quiz showstar, even though fans branded the comment as “creepy.” He claimed he was “laughing” about the uproar.

Carol Vorderman looked great in a red lace dress competing at the Beat the Chasers Celebrity Special

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In various tweets that labeled Chaser’s comments as “strange” and “inappropriate,” Mark’s complete tweet was written as follows:

“Really? This is 2022, not 1972! It’s a bit creepy and sexist,” another fan replied when Carroll reposted Sun’s article about the statement.

“Well, the beast and I are laughing a little about this,” she said. “He is my best friend and we always get rid of each other’s Mick.

“Everyone welcomes Beast @MarkLabbett and thank the Bradder’s and gangsters for their amazing show x,” the presenter added.

Mark is best known for the beast persona on the quiz show “Chase”

She also posted a message to her friends early in the day and cheekyly countered the trivia quiz.

“You make you a beast …” Carol made fun of.

The TV favorite looked sensational in the lace red dress that appeared on the show. This highlighted her wonderful cleavage and enviable shape.

The brunette Countdown Star wore her silky rock styled with loose waves, and she chose attractive eye makeup and lip gloss smoothness.

Carol Vorderman starred in the countdown

After she died, she told host Bradley Walsh:

Carol was angry, but ran into a problem with a series of questions at the show, which wasn’t a complete disaster for the star.

ITV will ensure that celebrity contestants are always given £ 1,000 to donate to a charity of their choice, regardless of the amount of cash earned for the prize.

Along with Beast, the TV star also confronted Jenny Ryan’s Vixen and Angati’s Governess in a tough round.

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Carol Vorderman responds after Chase's Mark Lavette is accused of "creepy" comments

Source link Carol Vorderman responds after Chase's Mark Lavette is accused of "creepy" comments

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