Carol Vorderman pours sensational curves into skin-tight PVC leggings when celebrating his 61st birthday.

Carol Vorderman celebrated his 61st birthday with a sensational curve in skin-tight PVC leggings.

The Former countdown host I took her to Instagram to pay homage to her special day.


Carol Vorderman celebrates his 61st birthday with a sensational hourglassCredit: Instagram


Carol looked great with a black ensembleCredit: Instagram

And in true Bodaman style, she had to upload a sizzling mirror selfie for fans to see.

The TV star looked incredible when she showed off her hourglass figure with some tight black leggings, a guess jumper, and a huge belt to bring her to her waist.

Carol leaned her body to the side to show off her famous ass and turned her face in another pose to the camera.

She tells her fans: 🏴.

“I can’t be happier anymore … Really my cup is full of MOJO …

“Every year, I score on a perfect 10 for the year (I do so on all 😂😂😂) In the system, tlu scores on a perfect 10 only if you score 7 or more as a win. Can be attached. 🥂🥂🥂.

“That is, 2021 was 9/10, but it’s not over yet 😜😜

“Happy Christmas to everyone from a real Christmas carol 🎄🎄🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🥂🥂❤️❤️✅✅💋💋.

“Send a lot of love and mischief there.”

Many rushed to the comments section to celebrate her birthday.

One fan said, “Happy Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday 🎅 Britain’s Most Beautiful Female 🎄🥂xx”.

Another wrote, “Happy birthday, young beautiful woman 💕💕💕”.

Third chime: “Penblwydd Hapus @carolvorders Looks great for 38😍🎂🍾🍾🍾. “

When Carol took her to her Instagram story yesterday with a tight Boyne top and training leggings, it comes after setting up a pulse race for her fans.

The former countdown host showed off his hourglass when he pouted at the camera and posed for a moment in the mirror before taking a sultry selfie.

Carol, 60, She told her Instagram followers that she “already loves Christmas” as a detail of going for a festive walk with her friend Judge Robert Linder.

She frowned on that occasion and wore gray sports leggings and button-up gray tops as she posed for a series of snaps.

The TV star exhibited her ample assets when she raised a red heart-shaped Christmas ornament for a selfie in the mirror while smiling at the camera.

Carol then treated her fans in close-up, showing her long bunches of brunette hair rolling down her breasts in a racy photo.

“Tomorrow we had a nice walk / chat around the harbor with Judge Rob Linder,” she writes. “I already love Christmas. Happy Doo Dahs.”

Carroll is no stranger to show off her incredible appearance on social media, as she was discovered earlier this week. Posing with a Christmas jumper..

She looked incredible when she pushed her curves into the black wet-look leggings. It was paired with a tight red jumper to show off the trim body.

When she impressed her fans, math guru recently showed off a new hairstyle Long legs in a synthetic leather mini dress.

She was preparing to appear on BBC Radio Wales and stopped to take a picture of her stunning outfit and “fluffy” hair.

Carol wore a long-sleeved top, light black stockings, and a dress over the black heels of her knees.

Her 160-pound dress was a sleeveless Marciano by Guess number with a bodycon-style mandarin collar.

Stars perfected their appearance by wearing straight hair, usually in a teased wavy style.

Carol shared a series of photos from her walk-in closet to her Instagram.

“Oh, she buffed her hair for work,” she captioned the post.


Carol surprised fans with her appearance with a snap of Instagram celebrationsCredit: Instagram


The star smiled at the camera in one close-up shotCredit: Instagram


Carol showed off her ample assets on a tight-fitting topCredit: Instagram


Former countdown host busy preparing for ChristmasCredit: Getty
Carol Vorderman faints while showing off her incredible curves in a navy midi dress

Carol Vorderman pours sensational curves into skin-tight PVC leggings when celebrating his 61st birthday.

Source link Carol Vorderman pours sensational curves into skin-tight PVC leggings when celebrating his 61st birthday.

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