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Caring for a home resident to reunite with family by Christmas

  • Some caregiver residents under the age of 65 may also be able to visit outdoor spaces such as family homes and parks.
  • Safe care home visits supported by over 1 million rapid inspections and the provision of free personal protective equipment (PPE)

Residents of all levels of care will be family members during this Christmas period, as they will visit their first home tomorrow (Wednesday, December 2nd) and more than a million tests will be sent to their providers next month. Can be seen again.

The significant increase in testing capabilities combined with new testing techniques allows friends and family to visit relatives in a care facility if they receive negative results prior to their visit.

This move allows care homes to safely maintain a balance between infection control and the important benefits of visiting the health and well-being of residents.

Matt Hancock, Secretary of Health and Social Welfare, said:

I know how difficult it has been for caregivers and their families to leave for a long time. The isolation was painful, but it protected residents and staff from this deadly virus.

We are very pleased to support the reunion of our families by Christmas and to have a meaningful relationship with our loved ones.

This news is made possible by test technology and capacity, as well as additional unprecedented advances. PPE Supplies.

Proper wear by visitors remains important PPE Keep your loved ones, other residents and staff safe according to other infection control measures in your care home.

Free for an additional 46 million items PPE Will be sent to CQC-In addition to care home providers registered through the government portal PPE Already available. Over 220 million items PPE It has been provided to adult care facilities since April.

The number of test kits provided is modeled so that up to two visitors per resident can visit twice a week. The care home manages the number of visits to enable safe visits and the program is continually reviewed as it is deployed. Visitors are expected to continue to follow infection prevention and management procedures. Visitors should minimize contact as much as possible to reduce the risk of infection.

Minister Helen Watterycare said:

COVID-19 is a cruel virus that denies the simple human pleasure of tearing a family and contacting a loved one. This means everything for many people living in nursing homes.

My focus is to keep caregivers and the people they care for safe while providing quality care to everyone who needs it.

It is impossible to eliminate the risk altogether, but thanks to the significant expansion of test capacity and free mass distribution. PPE We can help reunite families more safely throughout December.

As the first tranche of a step-by-step approach to making visits safer, over a million lateral flow tests have already been sent to 385’s largest care facilities.

The government has also released new guidance that will allow some residents under the age of 65 to spend Christmas with their families outside the care facility.

Residents of working age may be able to join the family at home, subject to individual risk assessments, negative tests before moving out, and a period of self-isolation after returning home. However, it is possible to form a bubble with only one other household, not a Christmas bubble for three households.

If a person planning a visit to a care facility develops symptoms, of course, the visit must be canceled and self-isolated for examination.

The adult social care department has prioritized test deployments, and the care home is an asymptomatic test with 120,000 tests per day fenced for regular care home tests. Is one of the first groups to be granted repeated access. Following this one-off test kit push during December, Care Home will be able to order faster tests in a manner similar to the current ordering process.

In addition, the government is extending regular COVID-19 tests to everyone. CQC Inspectors to support their ongoing work.

Professor Martin GreenOBE, Chief Executive Officer of Care England, said:

Care England is pleased that the government has responded to the needs of this sector as the largest representative of independent providers of adult social care. In order for these promising plans to land successfully, the sector must now be properly supported by the government. Care England has always supported meaningful contact between families and residents, but recognizes that the balance between freedom and security needs to be investigated at the most detailed level possible.

We appreciate the ongoing risks associated with our visit, which represents a positive step forward. The most important relationship in most people’s lives is with family and others who share love and trust.

Ian Trenholm, Chief Executive Officer of the Care Quality CommissionCQC),Said:

Today’s announcement from the Ministry of Health is welcomed by many families who will be able to see their loved ones at Christmas, and care providers who are relieved to know that they keep their residents safe.

People-centric care is more important than ever, and it is important to recognize that some of people’s identities and well-being come from relationships. This is central to being able to visit friends and family as directly as possible, and therefore encourages care providers to support their visits as much as possible while keeping people safe.

We are also pleased to be able to provide healthcare providers with an additional guarantee that inspectors will be tested for COVID-19 weekly after the Ministry of Health decides to provide testing to key workers.

It is important that we continue to work together to meet the ongoing challenges of the pandemic and to keep people safe.

Background information

Updated Care Home Visit Guidance

All currently registered care homes PPE A total of 11.5 million aprons, 23 million gloves and 11.7 million masks will be sent to the portal in a one-time push, which the first care home will receive this week.

Social care providers now have access to free COVID-19 PPE Supplied by accessing the government PPE Portal.

Order limits will eventually be raised to meet the additional demand that visitors bring.

In the event of an outbreak in a care home, or community hotspots or evidence of an outbreak, the care home should promptly impose visit restrictions to protect vulnerable individuals.

Caring for a home resident to reunite with family by Christmas

SourceCaring for a home resident to reunite with family by Christmas

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