Canada: Dad blindfolded after stick pierced brain in hike fall

Edward Steinkamp is now afraid of enormous medical bills (Photo: GoFundMe)

A father lost his sight in one eye after a ‘random freak’ accident while on a ‘hike of a lifetime’ in Canada.

Edward Steinkamp from Allen, Texas, walked across a block to prevent mudslides as he and his son Bret, 28, walked the West Coast path.

But the skilled walker slipped and fell on a stick, which rammed through his left ear and into his brain.

Rescuers were called, but it took them six hours – and a tank by the National Guard – before they could reach him.

Edward was flown by helicopter to the hospital where the branch was removed – but is now battling a painful infection at Victoria General Hospital.

To make the family nightmare even worse, they now have enormous medical bills.

Aeronautical engineer Edward had insurance, but it’s uncertain what exactly will be covered and a fundraising site is set to raise $ 200,000 (£ 161,000).

It has yet to be confirmed, but he would have to pay for the aviation clearance, the surgery, drugs and scans and the hospital stay.

Mrs. Wendy immediately flew over to be at her husband’s bed and had to pick up a hotel with Brett.

The couple will also have to drive Edward through the country to get home, as he has not flown with them for months.

Talk to you soon and keep up the good content Times Colonist about his father’s condition, Bret said, ‘Everything is really fluid now.’

‘This fundraiser is so that Ed can concentrate on getting better and not worry about how he will take care of his family or pay for these bills,’ says the fundraising site.

‘Ed has touched so much of our lives with kindness and laughter. He never rejected any of us when we asked for help or in our time of need. ‘

Wendy and Bret ask people to send in backpack photos to help elevate Edward’s mind while he is recovering in the hospital.

They can be sent via email to

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Canada: Dad blindfolded after stick pierced brain in hike fall

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