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Kiyan Prince’s dream of playing for Queens Park Rangers has finally come true through the FIFA 21 video game, which celebrates the 15th anniversary of the tragic death of an academy star.

The hopeful Kyan of the Super Hoop was stabbed to death in West London at the age of 15 in an attempt to disband the battle.


Kiyan Prince will be added to FIFA 21 as a QPR playable character
The Academy Starlet was fatally stabbed in 2006 at the age of 15.


The Academy Starlet was fatally stabbed in 2006 at the age of 15.

His father, Dr. Mark Prince OBE, has led an incredible campaign to educate young people about the dangers of violent crime, alongside championship-side QPR. Named the stadium after the Kiyan Prince Foundation..

The developers of the visual effects company Framestore have worked with the Prince family, EA Sports, and the University of Bradford to create a portrait of Kiyan that can be played in FIFA 21.

A talented soccer player wears a No30 shirt and goes straight to the QPR team to show the world what star he is likely to be.

And Dr. Prince welcomed this idea, both as a perfect compliment to his son and an important reminder to the youth that the knife is not the answer.

He told Sun Sport:

“I was over the moon and felt in my heart that this was intended.”

The QPR director of football Les Ferdinand also endorsed the idea while the club continued to work in the community. This includes an exemplary response to the Grenfell Tower disaster.

He states: “Kyan is still in our hearts and it is a great honor for him and his family to bear fruit.

Kyan's father, Dr. Mark Prince (right), revealed his happiness in compliments


Kyan’s father, Dr. Mark Prince (right), revealed his happiness in compliments
Soccer Les Ferdinand's QPR director also gives his support


Soccer Les Ferdinand’s QPR director also gives his supportCredit: PA

“We are a community club and take our role very seriously. He was one of the members of our community and the one we were very much looking forward to.

“All supporters are very proud that he was recognized in this way.”

Dr. Prince told gamers to expect the 30-year-old playable Cyan Prince to be a powerful and dynamic player.

In explaining Kyan’s playing style, he said:

“If you saw this guy at the age of 15 … most people thought he was in an adult body. His power to run through the midfield and down the wings was ridiculous.

“He was very confident and had excellent leadership qualities. He really lifted the team and brought energy to the pitch.”

In addition to appearing in the game, Kiyan will provide users with an education and advice service, Dr Prince, through a direct link to the Foundation. Dedicated his time to serving..

A former boxer outlined his fears that the fight against knife crime was unsuccessful and urged everyone from the top to the bottom of society to increase their efforts on it.

My son wasn’t dead just because I sat down and participated in the game. This is to reach a very high level.

Dr. Mark PrinceKyan’s father

He continued: “You always see, violence on the streets is on the rise.

“The idea of ​​these people is to resolve the conflict with the knife and we must stop it.

“My son didn’t die just to sit down and join the game. This is to reach a very high level. Lobbying policy and legal changes and just committing a crime To avoid it. Young people, but they are careful enough to find out what the real problem is, work on it, and bring it back to the community. “

The Foundation aims to work with the military, government, parents and others to help those who may turn to knives as a way to deal with personal problems.

Dr. Mark said: “I didn’t just want Kyan for the game because the story is bigger than that.

“This is about the next generation, reaching out to more people to make a difference and show them that there is a better way. There is nothing to prevent you from succeeding. ..

Kyan wears No30 shirt in FIFA 21


Kyan wears No30 shirt in FIFA 21
The dream of playing in the hopeful club of Super Hoop finally comes true


The dream of playing in the hopeful club of Super Hoop finally comes true

“The game gives us access to a foundation that guides us through the process. We support employment, education and thinking. We can help.

“We provide the same kind of support that Kyan received to be a great person to be a great person.”

Example-England Striker Ferdinand, who grew up in West London, outlined how football can play a major role in keeping the streets safe.

He states: “We are all looking for ways to help in the best possible way.

“If this can bring it back to people and this helps change their behavior, this can only be a good thing.

“I think we’re all confused about what we can do. We’ll talk about what the government and police can do more. But we often hear about this situation, so we support it. You need to do as much as you can as an individual.

“There are no days or weeks that aren’t talked about in the news. Unfortunately, it seems to be getting worse rather than better.

“I have kids. Players with kids are afraid to walk down the street because of this situation.

“We know that football plays a big role in many of these young men’s lives, so that’s why it bears fruit. I hope it helps.

“Mark is the inspiration for going to places every day trying to get these guys out of the street to educate them about knife crime.

“He has to live what happened to his son every day. We are helping him as much as possible to eradicate what is happening in this country.”

The general public who wants to support the campaign can donate to the Kyan Prince Foundation by texting the KPF (the amount at the time) to 70490. For more information, please visit

QPR pays homage to fan Dean McKee, a poet who died after an “eight-day battle” with the coronavirus.

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