Can Gambling Ads Survive on Tik Tok?

Online casinos invest heavily in digital marketing and affiliate programs, in order to attract more users. One way is by creating lists of the highest payout online casino platforms with great welcome bonuses and ranking them in order to inform the players where to seek massive jackpots. Another way is to promote gameplay on social media and see if users on those sites find them interesting. These include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Tik Tok

The most recent network that attracted a lot of people is Tik Tok, so let’s see if casinos can be promoted there.

Is It Possible to Make Gambling Related Posts on Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is relatively new on the market and is performing really well, which is why its main focus is on getting as many users as possible and providing them with an amazing experience. So if you were to promote instant withdrawal casino UK based sites and make a video that demonstrates how quickly you can access the prizes, you would likely get a ban. This is because Tik Tok’s content policy does not allow these types of posts.

One of the reasons behind such a decision is the age of the users. Although there are a lot of adults on Tik Tok the majority of their user base is below 19 years old. By allowing gambling ads the number of users promoting this type of content will definitely rise. This would lead to a lot of negative press and parents closely scrutinizing the platform, even forbidding their kids to use it.

Is There Some Way To Promote Gambling on Tik Tok?

If you were to make a video about gambling tips or players mistakes that happen while playing casino games, you won’t get into any trouble. Basically, as long as it’s sort of a tip video or just a video of you playing the games like poker or roulette those are still allowed. However, you cannot use affiliate links or tell people where to go in order to play. Meaning, you can play slot games or pokies in a video and if the intent behind it is not to promote a specific provider you are good.


To sum up, directly advertising online casinos or gambling platforms is not allowed. You can still advertise posts that are not directly gambling-related but do contain an affiliate link that leads to a specific site.

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