Can Apple’s co-op team handle this fresh crisis?

In Greek mythology, Zeus punished Sisyphus for cheating death by forcing him to roll a huge boulder up the hill for eternity. I doubt it Apple operating teams feels same cursed. Not only have they had to adjust to the pandemic, but they have had to mitigate the effect of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and they must do what they can now to save businesses as Taiwan’s situation deterioratedwhich could be an existential threat to the company and its business.

The incredible journey up the hill

It’s not just Apple, of course – the entire tech industry is threatened by tensions between Taiwan and China. Apple Silicon chips used across its product range by Taiwan’s own TSMC. TSMC Chairman Mark Liu recently warned that any further tensions in Taiwan would cause major problems.

Liu also noted the sophistication of the tech industry’s supply chain, tells CNN: “Because this is such a sophisticated manufacturing facility, it relies on a real-time connection to the outside world, to Europe, to Japan, to the US, from materials to chemicals to spare parts to engineering and diagnostic software.”

In terms of manufacturing, the importance of China to Apple’s supply chain was really driven home when COVID-related lockdowns meant that Apple could not make enough Macs or iPads to meet demand. In that context, it appears that Apple told corporate staff this week that they no longer need to wear masks to protect against COVID-19.

Risk your assumptions?

I think the co-op teams are encouraged that their ability to manage and execute Apple’s business in challenging market conditions still enabled the company to achieve higher results in its last quarter, and forecast growth in the Mid-quarter Autumn. Similarly, Apple CFO Luca Maestri was perhaps more realistic than he hoped to be when he warning:

“Given the continued uncertainty around the world in the near future, we are not providing revenue guidance, but we are sharing guidance insights based on the assumption that the macroeconomic outlook and the impacts of COVID on our business will not become more worse than we are. projecting today for the current quarter.”

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Can Apple’s co-op team handle this fresh crisis?

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