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Can ACV Help Relieve Arthritis Symptoms? Benefits and Effectiveness!

Thesis Statement: Apple cider vinegar is the best to improve overall health. It may not directly work to relieve arthritis, but it has great benefits. Hence, it is worth adding to your daily routine.

As we upgrade our lifestyles for ease, we compromise our health. Due to careless eating, you experience diseases such as arthritis, uric acid, blood pressure, etc., at a very young age. Incorporating healthy habits into your lifestyle will delay the faster aging process and diseases.

One of the miracle drinks that everyone swears by for multiple disease cures is apple cider vinegar. However, people wonder if apple cider vinegar works for arthritis or is a myth. This article will explore the arthritis aspect of apple cider vinegar and see if it’s worth trying. Let’s dive in!

How Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help with Arthritis?

There are certain benefits and properties of apple cider vinegar, which helps indirectly deal with arthritis. Like keeping busy and working helps boost mental health, taking active measures to remediate potential issues help improve your health. Apple cider vinegar may not be solely responsible for treating arthritis, but it’s effective. It is always better to consult your doctor and take advice before adding it to your routine. Here’s how apple cider vinegar can potentially help treat arthritis:

1.    Reduces Inflammations

Apple cider vinegar can reduce inflammation in certain parts of your body. With works being artificial and filled with a beauty treatment, apple cider vinegar can glow from within. Many anti-inflammatory medications are available on the market, mostly filled with steroids. People always look for natural solutions to lead a perfectly healthy life.

Having apple cider vinegar every day helps regulate your metabolism and reduce swelling. You will feel better and have great energy levels to perform your daily tasks better. Hence, make sure to make it a part of your lifestyle to gain overall benefits.

2.    Detoxification of your System

One of the many reasons one could have arthritis and excessive swelling is increased uric acid. Uric acid can happen for a couple of reasons, and one of them could be bad kidney health. Having apple cider vinegar (ACV) on an empty stomach helps detoxify your body.

Having it regularly will help you remove toxins from your body, making you feel lighter and more energized. It also has pectin, which absorbs toxins reducing arthritis pain significantly. If you have a severe case of arthritis, apple cider vinegar may not be as effective.

3.    Increases Energy Levels

You may have heard of many apple cider vinegar benefits, and all of them are genuine. Apple cider vinegar helps in reducing bloating and regulating your energy levels. A doctor mostly advises people with arthritis to exercise and keep themselves fit.

With more energy, you gain from having apple cider vinegar can easily help you push yourself during workouts. You will not feel as tired as you used to and will be more active in reducing inflammation. Along with apple cider vinegar, eating healthy foods and maintaining a fitness lifestyle is essential.

How to Have Apple Cider Vinegar to Combat Arthritis?

Does apple cider vinegar help with inflammation? This is one of the questions most people wonder about ACV, and the answer is yes. If you have apple cider vinegar the right way, you will gain maximum health benefits. Adding ACV to your salads and foods makes them healthier, but you need to have it in a certain amount to notice visible results.

The best way to have apple cider vinegar is raw and dilute it with some water. Take a hot glass of water and add two to three teaspoons of ACV. Have the concoction on an empty stomach or half an hour before or after meals. If you find the taste of apple cider to be unbearable, add a few teaspoons of honey to make it sweeter.

What to Keep in Mind When Having Apple Cider Vinegar?

Similar to hepatitis, arthritis is also increasing, which demands serious attention. Can apple cider vinegar be the only answer to deal with arthritis? Probably not! There are a few drawbacks of ACV you must consider. Here are some:

  • Enamel damage
  • Acid reflux
  • Altering medications effects
  • Lowers blood sugar levels

Final Verdict

Apple cider vinegar is undoubtedly a drink that can help you improve your health and cope with arthritis. However, it should not be the only thing you rely on, as severe cases of arthritis need proper medical attention and medication. ACV has great health benefits; hence, it is worth trying.


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