Calls to stop using nauseating orders to silence victims of police misogyny.police federation

Police chiefs are covering up the misogyny suffered by female officers and staff and must stop using nauseating orders to silence victims, says rank and file cop leaders clarified.

Chairman Steve Hartshorn police federationRepresenting 130,000 officers up to the chief inspector, he told The Guardian that it was the chief constable who bore the brunt of the crisis that undermined the legitimacy of the police force.

Here is his comment Reports by official police inspectors It warned fellow citizens not to take to the streets with enormous force because “hundreds, if not thousands” of suspects had passed through a flawed screening system.

Hartshorn said female officers and employees who were harmed at the hands of male colleagues should be treated as victims. “If we take the chief constable or the military and try to hold them accountable…there are times when the military wants to have a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in place. A carpet that we think is unacceptable. under.”

He said legal advice from the police federation to police officers wishing to make their experiences public should resist accepting the NDA.

Hartshorn said: Let’s put policing back where it needs to be. ”

Asked why the chief used the nauseating command, Hartshorn said: [senior] Officer, and failed to do so. There must be a better way than trying to cover up.

A spokesperson for the Council of National Police Chiefs said: This is the method proposed by the Federal Reserve Board. ”

Hartshorn is a former Metropolitan Firearms Officer who was elected leader of the Police Federation this year.

A serious problem affecting the police, he said, rests on its leadership. “It is unfortunate that these issues were not addressed long ago and that victims of such behavior are disappointed.

“I can assure you that some of my co-workers have this thrown in their faces on the streets of our country today. [People saying:] “How can I trust you?” The main problem lies with the Chief Constable, who must deal with the culture on their own. Attitudes and behaviors are set by those at the top. They took their eyes off the ball.

“We have to start by getting the basics right so we can stop making horrible mistakes that shake trust in the police and last for years. Most of my colleagues would not want to work in such an environment.”

One Chief Constable agreed, stating: Some people can’t tell from their elbows to their buttocks.

He said the service had rushed to recruit officers as part of a government program to replace the 20,000 cut jobs, so promises given by the chief that the screening of new recruits would not be compromised were not kept. said there wasn’t.

He said he was open to considering revisiting cases where people stayed with police after an unsuccessful investigation into allegations of wrongdoing, but this would be difficult. It is about listening, understanding and supporting those who have come forward with their voices, and making sure that there is no hiding place for those who hold such terrible views.” Calls to stop using nauseating orders to silence victims of police misogyny.police federation

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