Californian agreement for the talent tech company Beamery

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Beamery, a London-based company behind talent lifecycle management solutions, has bought a California-based company.

Flux is described as an internal mobility platform that connects open development and employment opportunities with the most suitable internal talent. He counts Uber and Peloton among his customers.

Beamery said the acquisition will offer the first unified platform for internal and external resources, enabling companies to tap into the expertise of their global talent pool.

“Talent is the driving force behind business success, and organizations need a different workforce tomorrow than they have today to gain market advantage,” said Abakar Saidov, co-founder and CEO of Beamery.

“Flux’s technology allows employees to be more self-directed in their development, advancement and connection with others within their company.

“With this acquisition, we are creating a more holistic solution that unifies internal and external resources to better inform organizations about what drives their talent, hiring and retention goals.”

Nick Ionita, co-founder and CEO of Flux, stressed the importance of providing employees with meaningful work, including exposure to new roles.

“We share Beamery’s belief that talent is intrinsically linked to business success and are excited to move forward together and break down the silos between HR and the C-suite to unify employee and candidate data,” he said.

“Helping them learn new skills and imagine a growth path in a company is not to be underestimated”.

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Mark Eckert, Joint Beamery and Flux client, Uber’s director of talent mobility and immigration, said, “By allowing employees to move internally, we can learn from their movements and offer personalized travel to employees and candidates who keep them engaged. and growing throughout their careers here. “

Californian agreement for the talent tech company Beamery

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