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Cabinet Reshuffle: Boris Johnson has defined what he wants from his government-but can he deliver it? | Political news

Boris Johnson started this new term because it means he will continue.

From a tax hike that breaks the manifesto of spending billions of dollars on the NHS and social care to his significant cabinet reshuffle on Wednesday, this goes beyond the COVID crisis mode to a government business and seeks to undertake reforms. I am the prime minister.

For the past 18 months, Johnson and his top team have been involved in health, economic and social crises and in the fight against the pandemic. In the last 10 days, the Prime Minister has made a clear statement that he is determined to move away from COVID and reset a government that has not yet been implemented.

In July, I was told that the very senior tenth number was reset “6 months” as the country and government moved from COVID to a new priority. The remodeling was expected in the second half of autumn. However, Johnson has returned to 10th place in the turbocharger this season.

And the very clear theme of this remodeling is to restart the Prime Minister’s national agenda, with three important briefs changing hands. Housing and Communities; And Judiciary-Given to Ministers who want the Prime Minister to bring about real reforms.

He played a major role in health and social care dice last week, and in return for spending more money on the NHS and society (£ 36 billion over the next three years), the public has given him millions of workers. Care bet that it would allow a tax increase.

Wednesday was a continuation of this theme, if you wish. Financial details have to wait until October 27th for the Spending Review and budget, but the personnel changes have shown intent.

In terms of education, the Prime Minister promoted Nadim Zahawi, a former businessman who impressed him as the Vaccine Minister to inject some impetus into education. His first big battle is quite imminent with the Treasury as he seeks to secure billions of additional funds for education.

Johnson’s current emperor of education, Gavin Williamson, demanded £ 15 billion in the summer and allocated a total of £ 3 billion to COVID’s catch-up budget. School leaders began the fall semester, claiming an additional £ 5.8bn was needed.

In communities, housing and local governments, he shuffled renowned cabinet reformer Michael Gove with “intergovernmental responsibility for leveling up and coalitions,” annoying and beating his now-deceased predecessor Robert Jenrick. I was entrusted with the housing reform that I defeated. He then promoted former Brexit Secretary and Treasury Secretary Steve Berkley to the old position of Mr Gove in the Cabinet Office, again focusing on leveling up.

When Berkeley caught up with taking pictures outside the new department today, he told me: Incorporate innovation from COVID and promote it through government. “

And, as justice, Dominic Raab was reluctantly brought in to address the unprocessed portion of the court system and consider how to handle judicial review issues.

Then there is a clear policy impetus-and there are also obvious challenges, those political ones of his party over housing reform or the financial ones between his minister and the Treasury more. I don’t mind giving out cash.

But there is also political intent here. This is the prime minister who exudes a sense of self-confidence and his own power.

He fired Robert Buckland, the last real one-nation conservative in his cabinet. He fired Gavin Williamson, a once powerful chief whip and colleague’s politician.

This was today’s prime minister, and in the words of one of his colleagues, was “hearty but clinical.” “It was a butcher’s yard.”

There is no doubt that the prime minister’s success in promoting health and social care taxation through the back bench has made the prime minister bold, but he often finds that shuffling the deck with growing dissatisfaction is always risky. I know.

But in the last decade, he has clearly defined what he wants from the government. The question is whether he can deliver it.

Cabinet Reshuffle: Boris Johnson has defined what he wants from his government-but can he deliver it? | Political news

Source Cabinet Reshuffle: Boris Johnson has defined what he wants from his government-but can he deliver it? | Political news

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