Buying Gemstone And Crystal Jewellery For Friends And Family

Many people believe in the power of healing crystals and gemstones, and even if you don’t believe there are any inherent powers from crystals, purchasing them as a gift based on the symbolism and intention behind these alleged powers can be a great gesture to let someone know you care. We’ve put together our top picks for gemstones and crystals so you can get a good idea of what type of jewellery you want to buy for your friends and family.

A very popular stone choice for gifts is the amethyst. This is another crystal that is said to help ease stress and anxiety and provides a confidence boost. This stone is actually the birthstone of February; however, its great popularity has brought it into the possession of many enthusiasts. Gifting quality amethyst jewellery to a loved one will show your loved one how much you care about their wellbeing and continued positivity. Franki Baker offer a range of gemstone jewellery and their selection of amethyst items is extensive. Whether you’re looking for a perfect cut gemstone look, or a more rugged crystal appearance, you’ll find the perfect gift here.

Lapis Lazuli
As with many rare stones, lapis lazuli has been one that was used in honour of a goddess. The Roman goddess of love, Venus, was chosen by Roman citizens to embody the powers of Lapis. For those that believe in the link between crystals and chakras, lapis lazuli is said to be a stone attuned to the third eye chakra. Believers say that positioning a lapis lazuli stone somewhere within your home helps to bolster your ability to communicate with one another in harmony. For the purpose of wearing a lapis item, such as a pendant, it is said to provide protective powers from harmful energies. It’s also believed to imbue the wearer with peace, tranquility and awareness in stressful situations.

This stone was first discovered in Newfoundland and Labrador in the 1700’s and subsequently named after being identified by geologists. Labradorite is believed to provide a means of combatting anxiety and giving the wearer a sense of clarity in confusing times. Some swear by its power to help with decision making and regaining inner strength after straying from the path.

Most people will recognise emeralds as being exquisite and expensive gemstones found it rings and other high valued jewellery. Interestingly, raw, uncut emeralds can be very affordable and are often used by crystal enthusiasts who believe they can garner significant benefits from these stones. They are said to bring balance to our lives, especially emotional aspects, and also provides endurance in dealing with often-overwhelming challenges we face. Not only that, but emeralds are said to aid in physical and emotional recovery and can be a great gift to show someone you’re empathising with their struggles.

Rose Quartz
Promoting love and passion, rose quartz is claimed to have the power to encourage both love of the self and of others. If you believe someone needs to appreciate themselves a bit more as well as imbuing them with a sense of peace and relaxation, then a rose quartz piece might be a great option. These crystals are also said to repair emotional damage as well as inspire wearers to heal relationships, whether romantic or platonic. Of course, it’s still important to remember that there is little scientific evidence for this. However, as mentioned before, the intention and meaning behind a gift such as this is sometimes all that is needed. Symbolism like this is merely another form of communicating our thoughts and feelings.

This fascinating stone is a must-have for crystal lovers, and also makes for a stunning gift. Firstly, fluorite is a very eye-catching colour which has the added feature of glowing under UV lights! In terms of its alleged powers, this valuable crystal is said to enhance meditation and dreaming abilities and an increased sensitivity to spirituality. This crystal was actually one of the most prized in the ancient world, and in ancient Rome, Emperor Nero actually had a drinking cup made out of fluorspar, the mineral which fluorite comes from.

This bright and beautiful stone is said to have originated in the Amazon River Basin in the 10th century BC, although it’s now found throughout many other parts of Brazil and the USA. There are so many tales of ancient people using this stone for aesthetic purposes, such as Conquistadors adding the stone to their equipment as adornments, and even the Egyptians crafting treasures out of it for ancient kings. Due to its rich history entwined with wealth and royalty, it’s no wonder that today amazonite is said to bring prosperity, luck and success to the wearer. It’s healing properties are said to be that of revitalising people who suffer with tiredness and trauma too. The refreshing vibrance of amazonite jewellery is something that many are attracted to and turns heads with ease: a simple stone, yet one that draws the attention with little effort, making it the perfect gift for those that like to stand out.

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